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Fabulous listening with 1byone Bluetooth 4.1 Wireless In-Ear Headphones

These compact wireless bluetooth headphones might provide just the listening experience you need.

Get your musical groove on with Rock Jaw Audio's Alfa Genus V2

These earbuds include tunable filters to offer a custom, rich sound.

Sennheiser Momentum Wireless headphones offers incredible sound without all the plastic

Are you in the market for a great set of wireless headphones? You've come to the right place.

Forget Beats Plastic Headphones: Consider Sennheiser's Momentum Line

Beats by Dr. Dre aren't the only cool headphones available on the market.

Listen To This: Apple To Soon Enable Lightning-Connected Headphones For iOS Devices

Apple is apparently developing a new technology that will allow headphones to be used in conjunction with its proprietary Lightning connector.

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Cut the cord and go wireless with the Freedom headset. We're checking it out on today's AppAdvice Daily.

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Jabra hopes you'll take a look at their newest wireless earbud set, the Rox.

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Review: Avantree’s Hive Offers iDevice Users Affordable Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

How do Avantree's Hive wireless headphones compare against Apple's EarPods?

Unleash Your Headphones' Full Potential With CanOpener

CanOpener is a music player unlike any other, giving you full control of your headphone output and enhancing the audio to be as realistic as possible.

Win A Pair Of Wicked Audio Reverb Headphones And Start Listening To Wicked Sounds

In honor of the graduation season, AppAdvice has teamed up with Wicked Audio to offer you a chance to win a pair of its hip Reverb headphones.

Musician’s Corner: Motörhead Phones Push Your iPhone ‘Over The Top’ – Hands-On Review

Motörhead has their own brand of headphones and we have a review of the top of the line.

Detangle Your Life With Cord Cruncher Earbud Headphones

Get ready to be tangle free, with the Cord Cruncher Earbud Headphones.

Musician’s Corner: Hands-On Review Of Logitech UE 6000 And 9000 Headphones

For this episode of Musician’s Corner, we go hands-on with two high-quality over-the-ear headsets.

RHA Entering North American Market With Reasonably Priced Headphones, Earphones

British audio company RHA is officially entering the North American market with an inexpensive set of earphones and on-ear headphones exclusively at Apple Stores.

Product Review: Logitech UE 4000 On-Ear Headphones Feature Spectacular Sound

The Logitech UE 4000 headphones provide a comfortable fit and great sound for a reasonable price.

Redesigned iPhone To Launch With Redesigned Earphones?

Could Apple's sixth-gen iPhone launch with redesigned earphones?

Patents Outline Apple Solution For Improving Headphones

One of the most derided and useless parts of the iPhone and iPod experience may be getting a welcome makeover.

Apple Announces New Touchscreen iPod Nano

At today's fall Apple announcement, the most innovative and interesting iPod nano ever created was demoed.