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Class action lawsuit seeks damages for the performance of iOS 9 on the iPhone 4s

A bunch of iPhone 4s users aren't happy with the performance of iOS 9 on their smartphones.

Apple is no longer seeking a permanent injunction in Samsung lawsuit

Apple recently dropped its cross-appeal of Judge Lucy Koh's final judgement in its 2012 Samsung patent trial.

Following Calls From Plaintiffs, Judge Could Reject Apple's Anti-Poaching Settlement

It looks like U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh could reject the anti-poaching settlement put forward by Apple, Google, and two other companies.

Forget Samsung: Jury Foreman Suggests Apple Should Sue Google, Instead

Should Apple go after Google for iOS-related patent damages?

Jury Finds Samsung Guilty Of Infringing Apple's Patents, Awards $119.6 Million

Samsung must pay Apple at least $119.6 million, a jury has decided.

Android Chief Claims Google Invented Key Features Before Apple

As part of Apple's ongoing trial against Samsung, an Android executive has claimed that his team never strived to "copy" the iPhone.

Apple Has Experts Explain Its $2.2 Billion Damages Claim Against Samsung

Apple has called on the opinions of two expert economists in its ongoing trial against Samsung.

Judge Gives The Go-Ahead For Class Action E-Books Suit Against Apple

Class action status has been granted to an e-books lawsuit against Apple.

ZiiLABS Goes After Apple, Samsung For Infringing Its Graphics Patents

Both Apple and Samsung are being targeted in a new patent-related lawsuit.

AppAdvice International: iOS 7.1, Canada, Belgium And More

This week we're talking iOS 7.1, Canada's iPhone trade-in program, Belgium, and more.

Court Grants Apple's Call To Dismiss Bizarre Siri Lawsuit

One U.S. judge has just dismissed a long standing Siri-related misrepresentation lawsuit.

Apple, Samsung Draw Up A Refined List Of Infringed Patents Ahead Of Trial

Apple and Samsung have narrowed down the lists of patents and products each is accusing the other of infringing.

Apple Will Offer Full Refunds To Customers Claiming They Made Unauthorized In-App Purchases

Apple will reimburse consumers affected by confusion over in-app purchases.

Following Appeal Refusal, Anti-Poaching Lawsuit Against Apple To Go Ahead

It looks like Apple, Adobe, Google, and Intel will be fighting off an anti-poaching lawsuit in court, after all.

Patent Firm VirnetX Holding Corporation To Go After Apple's iPhone 5s, iPad Air

VirnetX Holding Corporation is going after Apple once again.

Lawsuit Concerning iOS Location Tracking Thrown Out Of San Jose Court

Apple has fended off a lawsuit concerning location tracking in its iOS.

Apple, Google And More Now Face Anti-Poaching Group Lawsuit

Apple has another lawsuit on its hands, this time concerning anti-poaching agreements dating back several years.

The Final Season Of 'Breaking Bad' Results In Class-Action Lawsuit Against Apple

Has Apple made a grave mistake concerning its handling of the final season of "Breaking Bad?"

Eligible iDevice Owners Now Receiving Emails For Liquid Damage Suit Payout

Apple has agreed to pay $53 million to legacy iDevice owners whose products were wrongly accused of housing working liquid damage indicators (LDIs).

One iDevice Owner Is Suing Apple For Allowing Him To Access Porn

According to one iDevice owner, Apple resulted in invoking and fostering an unhealthy addiction to pornography that complicated his marriage.

Apple To Pay iDevice Owners $53 Million Settlement For Faulty Moisture Sensors

Apple has agreed to pay legacy iDevice owners a total of $53 million due to "faulty" liquid contact indicators in certain iPhone and iPod touch models.

Apple Sued For $5 Million Over iPhone 4's Faulty Power Button

One woman is suing Apple for a total of $5 million over an iPhone 4 power button fault.

Apple Wins 'iBooks' Trademark Lawsuit, Will Continue To Use The Name

It looks like Apple's use of the "iBooks" name is safe ... for the time being.

Apple Facing Lawsuit For Their Entire Library Of Touch Products

Company files suit against Apple for nearly every product they produce.