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Apple Leaks The "iPhone 4S" In Latest iTunes Beta

We have bad news, folks. It seems like the many rumors suggesting that Apple will be unveiling a slightly improved iPhone 4S comes Tuesday, rather than a brand new shiny iPhone 5, might actually be correct.

If You Believe Case Makers, The iPhone 5 Will Be Significantly Different

How does the current iPhone compare to the next one according to case makers?

iPhone 4GS/5 Purported Picture Leak Surprises With Its Familiar Look

A previously legit Chinese website is claiming to have pictures of the next iPhone. Yet, it looks like an iPhone 4. What can we make of it? Read on to find out!

Unconfirmed: Leaked Next-Gen iPhone Parts Get Leaked, Pulled By Apple [Update: Video]

We're not sure when we'll be seeing the next iPhone. Will it arrive in June as usual, or from Verizon right after CES? Regardless, it seems the ballet of leaked parts is already beginning.

iPad Enclosure With Dual Connector Gets Leaked - iPad 2 Or Prototype?

A couple of shots showing what looks like an unknown iPad enclosure have gotten a lot of attention in the iDevice world today. Published by a repair shop called Mission Repair, they've got everyone wondering if these are a part of an upcoming iPad.

Touchscreen iPod Nano Likely To Debut Tomorrow

As we reported back in July, Apple has been manufacturing a small touchscreen for inclusion in an unknown future device. It appears that we finally know what it's for.

iPod Touch Panels Appear In China, Complete With FaceTime Camera Hole

What's this? More proof that the fourth-generation iPod touch will be able to partake in FaceTime calls? Read on to find out more...

Apple Prepped For Activation Of New iPad & Two New iPhones

While Apple is good at keeping many things secret, they find it impossible to keep those secrets, secret. In a recent find, the code names for three new Apple products are revealed.

Apple Supply Manager Gets Caught Leaking Information And Taking Kickbacks

It's the end of the line for Paul Shin Devine, one of Apple's Global Supply Managers. Silicon Valley's MercuryNews is reporting today that Devine was arrested yesterday for leaking information he obtained while working at Apple. He leaked information about the iPhone and iPod in exchange for kickbacks.

Leaked 4G iPod Touch Part Surfaces, Now With Front-Facing Camera

Presumably, now less than a month away from its launch, it's pretty much a given that we're going to see plenty of leaks surrounding the iPod touch 4G. Actually, it's starting already. After yesterday's photos coming from a case maker, it's now Apple's part supplier's turn to leak some pictures.

Mysterious Mini Apple Touchscreen Leaks

The Taiwanese from that first leaked the white iPhone 4 are back at it today with some new unreleased and mysterious Apple hardware.

iPhone 4 Surfaces In Czech Republic?

Apple's upcoming iPhone has now surfaced in the Czech Republic! A report, which includes photos of the device - and real-world sample photos and video - has hit the web. Read on to find out more!

Next iPod Touch Gets Leaked - Features A Camera

Steve is going to turn as bald as his demoniac twin if this leak bonanza doesn't end very soon. Indeed, yet another Apple prototype has just been leaked and this time, it's an iPod touch 64GB featuring a camera.

Leaked Parts Hint At White iPhone HD Edition

If Apple was still hoping to somehow surprise us this June by releasing a white edition of the next iPhone, well that's too bad.

The Next iPhone Gets Leaked Again

For those of you who thought the first iPhone 4 leak made Apple even more careful with its secrets, it doesn't appear so.

Rumor: Leaked iPhone 4 Shots Hit The Web? Update: Nope

Are these leaked shots of the next generation of iPhones? That's what some folks want you to believe today.