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Get your Pac-Man fun on in latest Crossy Road update

A different arcade classic has arrived in this Frogger-inspired game.

Power up to defeat ghosts and the Glitch in Pac-Man 256

A new spin on the old arcade classic pits you against the Glitch.

Chomp your way through Snack Land in Pac-Man Bounce

A new rendition of Pac-Man has hit the Canadian and Australian app stores, but when will it arrive in the United States?

Celebrate the 35th birthday of the iconic Pac-Man with some great game updates

You and your friends can wish Pac-Man a happy birthday together with the new multiplayer game feature.

Download Pac-Man Friends now for free as Apple’s latest App of the Week

Get ready to chomp some ghosts in this fun game featuring Pac-Man.

Join the famously ravenous arcade game character and his pals in Pac-Man Friends

Namco Bandai has just released a new game based on its most popular franchise, Pac-Man.

Radiangames' Fluid SE Is A Thrilling Time-Trial Racer Inspired By Pac-Man

Fluid SE, the latest app from the folks at Radiangames, is available to download now.

Get Chomping: Arcade Gaming Classic Pac-Man Goes Free As Apple's App Of The Week

Apple has just chosen none other than Pac-Man as its free App of the Week.

Run, Jump And Gobble Up Ghosts In Pac-Man-Dash, Out Now On iOS

Pac-Man has finally been given the endless running game treatment with the release of Pac-Man Dash!.

Action Puzzler, Fruity Jelly, Coming Soon

A new puzzle game called, Fruity Jelly is hitting the App Store on September 8. Gameplay is said to be based on collecting fruit and controlling a blue jelly.

Namco Releases Pac-Chomp! As A Universal App

Namco Releases a new Pac-Man game called Pac-Chomp! for iPhone and iPad. The Universal App is available for U.S. $.99.

Namco's Pac'n-Jump Sends Pac-Man To New Heights

There have been a number of ways the Pac-Man franchise has been spiced up, but Namco's latest release, Pac'n-Jump, sends this dot chomping character to a genre he has never experienced before.

Review: Ms. Pac-Man For iPad - Arcade Classic Comes To iPad

When you think of the arcade heydays of the 80's, you instinctively think of Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man. Now Ms. Pac-Man is on the iPad in all its dot-chomping glory!

PAC-MAN Shows His Love For Valentine's Day With A New Theme

Holiday-inspired updates to popular iOS games seem to be all the rage these days, so it's really no wonder Namco slapped a hot red skin onto the iPhone game bearing the name of their iconic dot-chomper to celebrate Valentine's Day.

Namco Bandai IGNITE Interest In Their Upcoming Games With Special Event

Namco Bandai Games hosted IGNITE 2011 special event, and had a slew of games to show including iOS games. Read on to find out all the details.

Rapid Review: Pac-Mania - Jumping Pac-Man To A Third Dimension

Pac-Mania is the classic arcade Pac-Man which gives you 3D, and the ability to jump. It now comes to iOS devices with a new mode as well. Click through to find out all about it.

Pac-Man Gets A Match-3 Makeover In Pac-Match Party

Namco has released Pac-Match Party, a match-3 game with a Pac-Man theme.

All Pac-Man iPhone And iPad Games On Sale To Celebrate 30th Anniversary

Namco is celebrating Pac-Man's 30th anniversary by having a sale on all Pac-Man games in the App Store.

Google Celebrates Pac-Man's Birthday By Giving You A Playable Logo

Google is celebrating Pac-Man's birthday by giving you a fully playable logo! The best part is that it can be played on your iPhone and iPad.

QuickAdvice: Charadium for iPad and PAC-MAN for iPad

Are these iPad versions of iPhone games worth it to buy? What if you already own the iPhone version, or are new to the game on any idevice? We'll let you know for each situation.

PAC-MAN Chomping His Way On To The iPad In Time For Launch - Plus Screenshots

PAC-MAN is coming to the iPad, and will be available as part of the iPad App Store grand opening. Click through to see some details, the price, and of course some screenshots.

Review: Pac-Man Championship Edition - Plus Video Review

Namco has finally released Pac-Man Championship edition for the iPhone. It has brand new gameplay to switch up the classic you know. Has Namco finally figured out iPhone controls? Is it worth $2.99, or the $3.99 in-app purchase? Click through to find out.