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Apple TV could get Siri support for replays during games

The Apple TV is about to get a lot smarter, at least according to one recently published patent.

Apple's 'iPhone 7' could offer dual rear cameras for optical zoom

According to one recently published Apple patent, dual rear-facing cameras could be heading to the "iPhone 7."

Apple is no longer seeking a permanent injunction in Samsung lawsuit

Apple recently dropped its cross-appeal of Judge Lucy Koh's final judgement in its 2012 Samsung patent trial.

Apple wins patent trial against Emblaze over live video streaming

Apple has just won a patent trial against the beleaguered Israel-based audio company Emblaze.

Apple's Upcoming Store In Chongqing, China Will Also Feature A Glass Entryway

The design of one of Apple's Shanghai retail stores is spreading throughout China.

Apple's Latest Patent Could See Notification LEDs Arrive On iPad Smart Covers

Apple's Smart Cover could receive a built-in notification system, according to one recently discovered patent.

Court Upholds Ban On Older Samsung Devices In The Netherlands

Samsung's Galaxy S II and its Galaxy Ace will continue to remain off the market in the Netherlands.

Report: Apple And Google Call A Truce To Patent Warfare

Apple and Google have finally put an end to their longterm patent warfare.

Apple's Latest Patent Describes Contact-Aware UI For The iOS Messages App

Apple's latest significant patent application could help users avoid mis-messaging on their iPhone.

Forget Samsung: Jury Foreman Suggests Apple Should Sue Google, Instead

Should Apple go after Google for iOS-related patent damages?

Jury Finds Samsung Guilty Of Infringing Apple's Patents, Awards $119.6 Million

Samsung must pay Apple at least $119.6 million, a jury has decided.

Android Chief Claims Google Invented Key Features Before Apple

As part of Apple's ongoing trial against Samsung, an Android executive has claimed that his team never strived to "copy" the iPhone.

Apple Has Experts Explain Its $2.2 Billion Damages Claim Against Samsung

Apple has called on the opinions of two expert economists in its ongoing trial against Samsung.

Phil Schiller Testifies As Apple Seeks $2 Billion In Damages From Samsung

Apple and Samsung's second major patent trial saw an interesting first day.

ZiiLABS Goes After Apple, Samsung For Infringing Its Graphics Patents

Both Apple and Samsung are being targeted in a new patent-related lawsuit.

Ahead Of Trial, Apple Loses Another Bid To Have Samsung Products Banned In The US

Apple has failed again to get Samsung devices banned within the United States.

Apple And Samsung Cannot Hammer Out A Deal Ahead Of A March Trial

Apple and Samsung cannot reach an agreement ahead of a new trial.

Schiller, Possibly Forstall Expected To Testify In Apple-Samsung Patent Case

Phil Schiller and Scott Forstall, among others, are expected to make an appearance during Apple and Samsung's upcoming patent trial.

Apple, Samsung Draw Up A Refined List Of Infringed Patents Ahead Of Trial

Apple and Samsung have narrowed down the lists of patents and products each is accusing the other of infringing.

Our Future iPhones Could Alter Touch Controls Based On User Movement

One new Apple patent explains how iDevices could alter the appearance of their user interface based on users' activity.

Patent Firm VirnetX Holding Corporation To Go After Apple's iPhone 5s, iPad Air

VirnetX Holding Corporation is going after Apple once again.

It Looks Like Liquidmetal Could Improve Our iDevices' Buttons, Touch Sensors

Our future iDevices could use Liquidmetal in more ways than one.

At Last: Apple, Samsung CEOs Both Agree To Patent Dispute Mediation

Could Apple and Samsung come to a final agreement concerning smartphone-related patents?

New Apple Patent Hints That Curved Touch Display Research Is Still Ongoing

It looks like Apple is still investigating the use of curved displays for future products.