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racing game

Paint the town while outrunning the cops in Splash Cars

Splash Cars is like the love child of Pako - Car Chase Simulator and Splatoon.

Rush N Krush from Netmarble races onto the App Store

Crush through the competition in this fast and fun new racing adventure.

Chillingo’s Micro Machines will race onto the scene soon

An action-packed, multiplayer, racing adventure is headed to the App Store this year.

EA’s Real Racing 3 puts you in the winning McLaren F1 GTR

With five hot new cars and two cool events, this racing game’s update puts you in a winning ride.

Be fast, be fearless in Need for Speed No Limits

Rev your engine and take that sweet ride to the streets in this new EA racing game.

Your Lamborghini will be delivered soon in CSR2

Get ready to race that sweet, world class car in this next game in the series.

Race with Gumball and Finn in Formula Cartoon All-Stars

Can you out-race the Cartoon Network characters? Sure you can, in this fun new cart racing game.

Skid around a pool table or kitchen sink in Swing Racers

Swing your race car around the tracks while defeating competitors and collecting stars.

The side scrolling racer Drace received an update offering a new ranking system

This 2-D racer has you doing backflips to collect points and earn stars.

New Mini Racing Adventures game is light and entertaining

Drive your buggy up, down, and across ramps in this new endless racer game.

Infinitely match and race to the top of the charts in Kapsula

If you enjoy infinite runners, twitchy reflex, racing, and color-matching games, you are going to love Kapsula.

Multiplayer racing game Tiny Runners: BOOM! explodes with fun

This hectic 3-D racing game is full of commotion and all about the strategy.

Put the pedal to the metal to get the job done in Crazy Taxi: City Rush

In Crazy Taxi: City Rush, there are no rules on how you get the job done.

Are You Good Enough To Survive Some Wrong Way Racing?

Try not to crash and burn so soon in this quick little arcade game.

Enjoy Miniature Racing Mayhem In Rail Racing

Rail Racing provides tons of fun in a small package.

Jet Car Stunts 2 Is A Worthy Successor To The Original Racing Game

The new version of Jet Car Stunts is packed with the same fun and challenge of the original, but taken to a whole new level.

Throw Out Your Jetpack, Speed Blazers Has A Cooler Way To Race

Speed Blazers is a fast-paced, universal racing game from the future. Who needs jetpacks when you can twist, flip and twirl your way across the finish line with sonic particle blades on your shoes?

Supermono Studios Teases First Ever "Forever Drive" In-Game Footage

This game is going to rock. And roll. Forever.

GT Racing: Motor Academy Free+ HD — Just Enough Driving Power To Cross The Finish Line

Trade in your driver's permit and get to speeding, crashing and swerving with Gameloft's GT Racing: Motor Academy Free+ HD for the iPad.

Augmented Reality Top-Down Racing Game Now Available For iPhone

A new top-down arcade game Paper Racer is available for the iPhone. The game has a great art style with paper-like visuals and offers some augmented reality integration as well.

Hit The Slopes With Touch Ski 3D

If you love to ski, why not give it a try on your iPhone or iPad? In Touch Ski 3D, you can hit the powder from the comfort of your own couch.

Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing Comes To The App Store

If you enjoy kart-racing games, you will be in for a great ride with Sega's latest title to hit iOS. Sonic & SEGA All-Stars is currently available on the NZ App Store and coming to other stores tonight. It is available as a universal app.

Challenging Physics And Platform Racing Come Together In FishMoto

There is nothing more depressing than watching a fish flop around helplessly on dry ground. Your job is to ensure the safety of your bicycle-riding fish friend in this challenging physics racer game.

Take A Thrilling Ride With 8 Bit Rally

A truly thrilling racing experience on the iPhone! The new game 8 Bit Rally will satisfy you endlessly with 60 exciting tracks, record speeds, and many upgrades.