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words with friends

Zynga invites you to go on a world tour with its new Words With Friends spinoff

Words On Tour combines Boggle-style word-building, Wheel of Fortune-style phrase-solving, and Candy Crush Saga-style level progression.

Words With Friends gets a new name, single-player mode and more with a massive revamp

New Words With Friends can now be played without an Internet connection.

AppAdvice Daily: Kill Peons And Create Life With The Best New Games Of The Week

Do you have what it takes to make it through an industrial wasteland?

Zynga's Annual Words With Friends Valentine's Survey Shares Fun Stats On Player Preferences

Zynga is out with its third annual Words With Friends Valentine's Day survey, the results of which make for interesting reading.

Zynga Updates Words With Friends To Version 7.0 With New Design For iOS 7

Words With Friends, the popular Scrabble-like multiplayer word game developed by Zynga, has just been updated to version 7.0.

AppAdvice Daily: Running With Friends Tips And Win A New Accessory

Beat your buddies at Running With Friends, and win a sexy case, all on today's AppAdvice Daily.

Zynga Isn't Just Rolling In Cash, Now They're Rolling In Gems

A new With Friends game has arrived for iPhone. Gem With Friends is now available in the App Store.

Words With Friends HD 5.0 Brings Retina Display Support, Landscape Mode And More

Words With Friends HD has been updated to version 5.0. Yet another step in the development of the Zynga-owned game, this seems to suggest that Words With Friends HD has finally taken its HD designation seriously.

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Sharing is caring, so pass and play with today's apps to share the fun.

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Matching monsters, flying mechanical dragons, running for your life, and flying over rainbow hills. We're talking the best games of all time on today's show.

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Today we are featuring some of our favorite turn based games - watch the show to see what made the list!

Zynga’s Draw Something Game Now Includes Unique Advertising

Just weeks after Zynga purchased OMGPOP for $180 million, we’re beginning to see how that acquisition is changing the popular game, Draw Something. Instead of running spammy ads, the freebie version of the game now includes terms for players to draw paid for by advertisers.

In Defense Of Zynga And Their Loathsome IAPs

Like Angry Birds, Zynga's ruffling some feathers. In this case, though, it might be time to side with the pigs.

Zynga's Stock Is Dropping Like Its Customers

Zynga's stock has reached an all time low, and we're wondering why.

Zynga's "Words" And "Hanging" Have A New Friend In "Scramble"

Scramble With Friends apes Boggle for the connected set.

The Best New And Updated iPhone Apps This Week, December 4-10, 2011

Lots of iPhone apps released and updated, but just a few made our list of the best. Did your favorites make our list?

Words With Friends Updated: Adds Tile Plate, Word-O-Meter

The popular Words With Friends applications for both iPhone ($2.99) and iPad ($2.99) have recently received updates. Now, fans of the Scrabble-like social game can enjoy utilizing a tile plate, which shows how many tiles of each letter are left, and a "word-o-meter" that tells you how strong your word is, compared with other words you could potentially create using your tiles.

Jangle Makes Anagrams Social

If you like doing anagrams in newspapers, or you like Words With Friends, then be sure to check out Jangle. It’s a fast, fun, and social word game for all ages. Best of all, its free!

The Best iPhone Apps Of The Week

Even though WWDC gobbled up most of the headlines this week, some apps debuted or got nice updates. Here are the best iPhone apps we've covered this week...

Impress Them All With Hanging With Friends

The creators behind Words With Friends have released a new app for the iPhone/iPod touch. Hanging With Friends combines the simplicity of the classic hangman game with social networking.

New AppList: Apps For Scrabble Fans

Scrabble fans have plenty to get excited about on iOS. There are apps for every kind of Scrabble fan. We gather up the best Scrabble game apps, word checkers, dictionaries, scorecards, and more in this AppList for Scrabble fans.

Review: Disc Drivin' - Racing With Friends?

Disc Drivin' is a turn based racing game kinda like what Words With Friends is for a word game. You flick the discs to send them forward in a racing game based on strategy more than anything else.

QuickAdvice: SpellStacker Puts A Fun Twist On Scrabble Type Games

SpellStacker is the latest must-have crossword game. Game play is much like the popular apps Words With Friends or Scrabble, but this one has a cool twist. Place your tiles on top of other tiles for new words and bonus points! SpellStacker is also related to the board game UpWords. This universal app (play on your iPhone, iPod, or iPad) is free and fun.