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Apple Stalking

Wondering which bar the iPhone might be in next? How many cameras the iPhone 6 might have? Whatever the case, if it's Apple related, we want more of it right? Right. So here are my picks for all the good, bad and ugly ways to stalk, I mean, "keep up with" our dearly beloved Apple.

Essential Apps



Is this shameless? Yes. Is it true? Also yes. The AppAdvice app is by far the best place to go to find app news and advice. Although it is heavy on the application side, the site does still post more then its fair share of Apple-related headline news. In terms of app usability, its UI really shines through. They didn't just shove out a glorified reader for the iPhone (note some of the apps here), it really is another experience consuming AppAdvice on your mobile device rather then your desktop. Especially with its price drops, app movers and app updates links. Hey, I work for them and could get it for free, but I even paid for it. It's that good. Ok, now onto the non-affiliated apps!


by AOL Inc.

The Unofficial Apple Weblog comes through with an outstanding app. Everything is organized for easy reading, easy navigation and easy sharing. You have the option to favorite articles for later viewing. Or you can email, Facebook or tweet them so your friends can read them. And all for the price of free.


by Future US, Inc.

Mac|Life offers up a nice user experience with its tabbed interface. It is ad supported, but the ads are not too intrusive. In the app you'll find reviews, how to's, a straight up news feed, and of course, a dedicated tab for "Phone" which is named presumably because it contains all content that has to do with the iPhone.


by Twitter, Inc.

While not exactly an Apple News App in its own right, with a tweak, Twitter can be your one stop shop. Create a list (so you don't clog your feed) and follow people like @appadvice @techcrunch @TIPB @macrumors @tuaw @appleinsider and @engadget to name a few. Most times the tweets will get posted before the stories do and if nothing else, will help you organize your life. We all want stalking to be as painless as possible for both parties, right?

Notable Apps


by ShiftKeySoftware

Leo Laporte has one of the best networks going with TwiT. I am plugging his app here as notable because he runs two or three podcasts in which Apple is the key focus. "Mac Break Weekly" is all Apple, "This week in Tech" is heavy on the Apple side and even "This Week In Google" gets a few apple plugs because of the battle of Android vs iOS. The sheer amount of podcasts, and the fact that a live stream is going 24/7 makes this any tech junkie's (and especially Apple Stalker's) dream come true.


by Dygest Inc.

iDygest is a Apple News Aggregation tool. It collects top stories and presents them in a decent format. Half their App, though, is dedicated to showing off "more of their apps" or where they got their stories from.


by AOL Inc.

If it's Apple News, it's most likely hot tech. And if it's hot tech, these guys have got it. Their app works well and has plenty of features to immerse yourself in when the Apple news is running a bit dry. Try "Topics>>Cellphones" for some really indepth iPhone news and keep up with the competition.


by Josh Enterprises LLC

This is a good source for information surrounding Apple with a lean towards fanboyism. Speaking strictly about the app, it's a bit sluggish at times and its UI is nothing special. On the positive side you can submit stories which seem bulked under "webmaster" and you can save stories to favorites for later viewing.

MacHash News

by MobileInfocenter

MacHash News is a great free app that does not present content from one source like most apps here do. Instead, MacHash grabs news stories from the top Apple news sites on the web. While the same task could essentially be accomplished with an RSS reader or Twitter, this app's advantage is prepopulating the list of sources so all you have to do is sit back and stalk. Overall, a great app for people who want a variety of Apple news.

Decent Apps

TidBITS News

by TidBITS Publishing Inc.

Quoted as being the "oldest purely electronic technology publication", downloading their app you can see why. Their UI is near terrible with only one button, refresh. There is no search, no tabs, no save feature. It just shows one long stream of articles with no rhyme or reason. The only good point I can see is that when you're done reading an article, there is a little button that will go to the next one.

Other Apps
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