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Apps For Tracking Hurricanes

The hurricane season is officially upon us, which means it's time for a batch of apps that let you follow them with your iPhone and iPad. Be ready for any kind of storm from tropical depressions to powerful category 4 and 5 hurricanes with these apps that keep you up-to-date and in the know.

Essential Apps

Hurricane HD

by Kitty Code

This is the premiere app to have in your hurricane-tracking arsenal. Both Hurricane and Hurricane HD are great products, letting you track hurricanes over most of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean, Central America, Hawaii, and surrounding areas. See where current storms came from and where they are headed with interactive forecast and tracking maps, text bulletins to give you up-to-date and detailed information, track a storm’s wind speed, direction, latitude, and longitude, and track your distance from any specified storm’s point. Not only does Hurricane and Hurricane HD track current Hurricanes, Tropical Storms, and Tropical Depressions, but will also give you an excellent history of past hurricanes–all the way back to 1851–on an interactive tracking map! Also, view animated satellites, radar, and spaghetti computer models for active storms. This app is excellent for anybody that lives in an active hurricane area, those interested in tracking hurricanes, or anybody that wants to learn the history of past hurricanes. This is not a universal app however, so if you want this for both your iPhone and iPad you’ll have to buy them both. See the link to the iPhone version below.


by Weather Decision Technologies, Inc.

MyFoxHurricane provides the best and fastest updates from the National Hurricane Center on your iPhone or iPod touch. It lets you watch the latest video briefings of wind and flood warnings, track current storms in real time, and see storm tracks from any storm in history. With easy to read and graphically superior maps, satellite and radar tracking, and up-to-date detailed information, MyFoxHurricane’s simple yet effective approach lets you follow and track a hurricane’s many stages from a tropical depression all the way to a category 5 hurricane. Easy to understand maps and the latest and greatest info assures that you won’t be left out of the loop this hurricane season!

Notable Apps's iHurricane HD with Push

by GenCode Systems, Inc.

What was once called Tracking The Eye, the recently renamed iHurricane is a program that integrates with’s PC applications to give you updated and dependable hurricane stats and information. iHurricane tracks the distance from your current location in miles using GeoLocation, tracks the latest coordinates, tracks things like windspeed and millibars, shows the national radar, satellite images, and historical data. It is universal and free to try, with an in-app purchase to get the extra features like Push.


by Weather Decision Technologies, Inc.

iMapStorm is a good app for staying up to date with the latest breaking videos and eye-witness reports. Also, get a detailed tropical view of active storms with excellent zoomable radar maps and highly detailed sat images from several regions. You can fine-tune your hurricane historical facts by picking any year and reliving the hurricanes that populated the Atlantic basin at the time. Like most hurricane trackers, most of the information here is from the National Hurricane Center.

Hurricane Tracker For iPad

by EZ Apps, Inc.

If tracking hurricanes in the Atlantic and Eastern Pacific is your thing, then Hurricane Tracker is your app. It shows the latest 5-day tracking map, public and forecast advisories, and storm discussions. Get animated satellite loops of the Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico, U.S. East Coast, Caribbean Sea, and the Central, Eastern, and Western Atlantic. You get a total of 14 satellites of the Atlantic Ocean. Get push notifications. You can also add your own source to the app and share it via Twitter or email. It is a very feature-rich app.

Decent Apps

Tropical Satellites

by EZ Apps, Inc.

If all you really care about are satellite loops, then Tropical Satellites has you covered. It shows 13 different animated and infrared satellite feeds throughout the world including the Caribbean, full Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico, most of the Pacific, Hawaii, and the U.S. West Coast. All feeds are zoomable and viewable in landscape mode!

Other Apps
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