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Best iPad Apps For Djays

For a DJ, the iPad can be your truly portable workstation. The iPad now supports full MIDI support and has access to some truly powerful apps. This AppGuide will help you find the best app for you.

Essential Apps


by algoriddim

Djay is one of two absolute essential DJ apps for the iPad. The app comes from the creators of Djay 3 for the Mac. It provides a full DJ system that seamlessly integrates with your iPad's music library. The app allows you to perform live, record mixes on-the-go, or use the “Automix” feature that will take and mix your favorite playlist. It also integrates with AirPlay for use on different speakers wirelessly and provides pre-cueing abilities through an optional headphone adapter. The app is one of the most powerful and easy to use DJ apps available for the iPad.

Traktor DJ


Traktor DJ is the second of the two essential apps in this AppGuide. It is one of the most impressive apps we have come across in this genre. Using swipe and pinch gestures you can mix your own grooves. The app allows for access to your iTunes music library, recommends songs based on your compatible tempo and key, and includes an innovative notification center that provides tips and teaches technique. The effects included are of high quality and will make your work sound high quality as well. This app updates frequently which is a big plus in our book. Whether you are a pro that plays at a lot of gigs or a beginner, this app is ideal. You can also sync your tracks prepared within this app to the Traktor Pro DJ software, making it well worth its price.

Notable Apps

deej - Discover your DJ skills

by InQBarna

A very notable app for DJs is deej. The app was designed with beginners in mind and will will help you become a professional DJ if you aren't one already. There is even an interactive tutorial for beginners included. With that being said, the app is also great for professionals. It is universal and supports the iPhone 5 and iPad retina displays. On top of the usual turntable features, the interface is laid out neatly across the screen in this app and you are able to record and upload your sessions to SoundCloud. This is a great alternative to the essential apps.


by MindArray Labs LLC

Tremor provides four turntables for audio playback, mixing, and recording. You can preview your tracks by using headphones through a special adapter. The app comes packed with tons of features, but those are not as easy or as powerful as the essential apps. Tremor allows for streaming of internet radio stations and streaming music to other Tremor clients.


by Numark

The app iDJ is highly tuned to create mix tapes out of your iTunes playlists. The app features many things that DJs require and will automatically detect tempo and perform transitions at just the right time. The app supports an unlimited number of songs in WAV, MP3, or AAC format. This has an easy to understand interface, but is far less powerful than the essential apps.

Decent Apps

Baby Decks DJ

by Async

Baby Decks DJ is a decent app for the iPad. The price of the app is more than or equal to other apps in its genre that are more full featured and powerful. This app includes some very basic features such as two turntables, library access, cross fader, pitch control, transformer bars, and track upload. The app is designed to have a very retro look and feel. The retro styling makes it harder to understand and use.


by MixVibes

CrossDJ is another decent app for DJs. It sports the same features as most of the other apps in this AppGuide and does have an attractive interface. For some reason this app seems to heat up the iPad and fast. It doesn't include auto mix or midi control which can be a downside for a DJ app.

Other Apps
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