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Putt Putt Score Card Apps

Going out for a game of putt putt? Grab your iPhone instead of grabbing that paper scorecard and terrible pencil. There are some nice apps that can replace and improve upon the paper scorecard. We compare our favorite putt putt scorecard apps in this AppGuide.

Essential Apps

Mini Golf Score Card

by Baliza GmbH

Mini Golf Score Card is the essential putt putt scorecard app. The developers have left nothing out. You can customize the name, golf ball color, and have up to six players. The one addition we would like to see is more players. The app makes it easy to see the current scores. There is also a simple one tap email option to share the scores. A reliable app that made it through a very long game of putt putt golf.

Notable Apps

Mini Golf Scorecards - Tiki Edition

by Dustin Kirk

Mini Golf Scorecards - Tiki Edition is one of many by the same developer. There are different themes depending on what you want. This one has a nice classy wood Tiki theme. One advantage this app has over the essential app is the endless stroke feature. The essential app limits you to seven strokes per turn. This app does not do the nice ball color feature and includes the same six player limitation. A nice alternative to the essential.


by Level 61

MiniGolf is a pretty good scorecard app for the iPhone. The design feels good, but not the best for this kind of an app. We would prefer an interface that doesn’t separate the players out as much as this one does. We like that you are able to send the scores out to other iPhone users over Bluetooth. There is much to like here, but not nearly as good as the essential app.

MiniGolf Score

by Stefano Peruzzi

MiniGolf Score is another okay, but not great option. The actual scorekeeping function is quite good. Even though the interface is very basic it works well. The app really feels like it was created years ago. The app is about a year old, but it feels like an app from 2008.

Decent Apps

Score Miniature Golf

by Sutibo Software

Score Miniature Golf is more expensive than the essential app and includes fewer features. You are limited to nine players and we found the app a little hard to use. The text used in the scorecard is also a bit small. The ability to track nine players is a great feature, but we did not find too many other nice features. You are able to select the ball color like you can in the essential app. An okay app, but nothing too stellar.

Miniature Golf Scorecard

by Revel Mob

Miniature Golf Scorecard is another decent app. You are able to play with up to ten players in this app. We appreciated that the interface wasn’t childish, but at the same time it wasn’t a good one. There is little to like about this app. If you have a need for a 10 player score card app you might want to check this one out.

Other Apps
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