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Apps To Fight Depression

Millions of people worldwide suffer from depression, and many of those people may not even know it. In this day and age of technology, medicine, and knowledge comes the power to overcome and cope with this sometimes-debilitating condition, whether you are mildly depressed or have a more severe case. There are many great apps in the App Store to help you with this condition, and I have created a list with just some of those that will at least be of some use in your fight against depression.


by M-3 Information, LLC

mym3 is checklist that allows you to screen yourself for potential depression and anxiety symptoms including bipolar and PTSD. You can then have a personalized report shared with you about how your depression is affecting you. This checklist is like a progress report to see how well your coping over time.

3D Brain

by Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

3D Brain is a universal app that shows you a detailed image of the brain that you can rotate and zoom. It includes labels for all of the color-coded regions to make each region easier to see and distinguish. This is an educational app designed to show you the different regions of the brain and how each functions, tell you what happens when each region is damaged or injured, and how each region relates to mental illness.

Sad Scale

by Deep Pocket Series LLC

Sad Scale is a collection of four different depression questionnaires you can take depending on your situation. The questionnaires include a general depression scale, depression scale for children, a post partum scale, and a geriatric scale. The results for each questionnaire can be stored for use by your physician and can also be emailed, including emailing the results via a graph.

Health through Breath - Pranayama

by Saagara

Sometimes we just need to take some time to de-stress, and there is nothing better than a good breathing regime. Pranayama is translated as “control of the life force”, or–when used as a technical term in yoga–it is translated as “breath control.” This app will guide your breathing with soothing music to help you attain a meditative state with relaxation, a calming balance, and stress relief.

eCBT Mood

by MindApps llc

CBT, or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, is a scientifically proven system of psychotherapy that has existed for over 40 years and has been refined and expanded by a new generation of clinical psychologists. CBT is a method that helps people identify and then challenge the distorted thinking that feeds depression. eCBT is an app that can help you manage depression with daily and weekly mood assessments, a thought challenge tool, feelings and thoughts log, and an overview of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

WebMD for iPad

by WebMD

If you don’t know WebMD by now, it's about time you get acquainted. This is an especially great app on the iPad. After plunking in your age, sex, and zip code, WebMD lets you see a virtual body that you can tap to bring up a list of symptoms or problems in the area that you tapped. It lists symptoms, remedies, medical procedures, an extensive list of drugs and their side effects, and much, much more.


by Wellifi, LLC

Moodifi is an app to help you track your daily mood and how well you are functioning over a period of time. It tracks dozens of symptoms in three different clusters: depression, mania, and anxiety. After rating yourself in a cluster, you write a diary page about how you were feeling at the time, and you can also track your medications use. Moodifi features 29 symptoms in three clusters, 6 classes of medications, 7 classes of substances, ability to keep a diary, passcode support, left-handed support, and the ability to email your records to whomever you wish.


by PumpOne

When I’m depressed, sometimes the best thing for me is exercise. Studies have directly linked depression with a lack of exercise, and it is no mystery that fewer and fewer people exercise like they should. Try Fitness Builder. It has a huge library of fitness exercises, images, and videos. You have the ability to follow the in-app exercises perfectly, edit the exercises, make your own, and mix and match any exercises that best fit your needs. It all fits on your iPhone or iPod Touch so you have it anywhere you need it.

Live Happy

by Signal Patterns

Be guided through a set of scientifically proven activities that boost your overall happiness and well being, both short and long term. Live Happy helps you succeed in being a happier person by letting you keep a gratitude journal, setting and tracking goals, keeping a “savoring” photo album, envisioning your best possible self, nurturing relationships, and remembering acts of kindness.