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Apps For Pilots

Pilots have a lot to deal with: weather conditions, airport information, runway information, logging information, doing calculations, etc. The apps in this AppList can be a big help for any pilot who flies planes regularly.

LogTen Pro Pilot Logbook

by Coradine Aviation Systems

LogTen Pro is a professionals pilots’ solution to a logbook on the iPhone. It includes many features for pilots and will probably convince them to ditch whatever they are currently using as a logbook. When adding a flight, you can add a humongous amount of information (too much to list all here) including preset databases of airports and plane types. Over time you can also create your own databases of things such as Crew Names, Aircraft ID’s and Certificates. LogTen Pro gives you view options of all of your flights in set time periods, such as in the last week or month, and allows you to export the data to Google Earth as well. The app also supports summaries of a variety of topics and can log detailed information about your trips. Rating this app is simple: if you're a pilot, don’t hesitate and just get this app.

AeroWeather Pro

by Pascal Dreer

This app’s sole purpose is to provide weather conditions and forecasts to pilots so that they can make appropriate preparations. With a neat radar view and a ton of useful weather information, I give this a thumbs up to pilots everywhere.

FlightPlan - Pilot's Toolbox

by Jeff Cardillo

Flight Plan is another must-have app for all pilots. This app contains tools that any pilot may need during the duration of his or her flight. The tools included are conversion calculators (MPH to Knots, Liters to Gallons, etc.) weather conditions (such as wind direction, fuel calculations, weight balance), and current news that pilots should be aware of. The bottom line is that any pilot should have this toolbox.

Jet Fueling

by Serge Ostrowsky

Jet Fueling is a simple, direct app that does one thing. It gives various fuel calculations which include remaining fuel on board at the time computation, fuel consumption, and fuel density. Although Jet Fueling may not be a must-have for pilots, it would certainty not be a bad app to have.

Crew Rest

by Serge Ostrowsky

Crew Rest is an app designed to calculate break times for crew members on a long flight. As any pilot would know, crew rests are very normal ensure full awareness at all time from the crew. This is certainty a useful free app for any pilot who does shifts with other crew members on a somewhat regular basis.


by Peter Lundkvist

Airports is a handy app for pilots who want to know useful information about any of 10,000 airports. After selecting an airport, the app presents you with a variety of information including runway data, weather conditions and the ability to view NOTAMS. Airports also includes tools to calculate altitudes and wind components. Unfortunately, the main con of this app is that it does not contain for most smaller airport. That being said, Airports is definitely worth a look from pilots everywhere.


by Roeland van der Spek

As all pilots know, NOTAMs provide notifications that pilots should know about before take off. After selecting an airport, the app presents notifications in a neat way that makes this app, like the others listed here, a thumbs-up for all pilots.