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Apps For Portland, OR

Whether you live in Portland, Oregon or are just visiting, there are some apps you’ll want. Portland is a big city and we have found that Portland has some of the best iPhone apps out there compared to other cities. We gather our favorites in this AppList.

Portland Essentials

by Sutro Media

Portland Essentials, as the name suggests, is an essential app. This app packs in tons of content! There are some nice little gems that only locals would know and also the more well-known spots to check out. The book app is well put together and the real key to this app is the fantastic content.

Portland Insider

by Sutro Media

Portland Insider is another excellent book resource. This app will help you discover things not contained in the Portland Essentials app. Both are excellent resources for both residents and tourists of Portland.

City of Portland Citizen Reports

by City of Portland

City of Portland Citizen Reports allows citizens to report vandalism, potholes, street lighting, and much more. Pretty much anything a citizen needs to report to the city can be done through this app. You can later see the progress of your now open report. The app is highly polished and unlike any other city run app we have seen.

Portland Art Museum

by Spotlight Mobile

The Portland Art Museum app contains maps of the museum, information about their exhibits, and a special keypad that can be used in the museum. Once again, this Portland app shows how apps like this should be done. Best of all, this is a free app.

PDX Bus, MAX, Streetcar and WES

by Teleportaloo

Only in Portland will there be an open-source bus app for the iPhone! This app is a thing of beauty. It has just about everything you need. This includes a map of the system, bus arrivals, and it even has a little flash feature for use at night to alert bus drivers that you are at the stop. PDX Bus is a free app for the iPad and iPhone that you should not be without.

Big-Ass Sandwiches

by Blue Shoe Mobile Solutions

One restaurant you will not want to miss while you are in Portland is Big-Ass Sandwiches. They have fantastic sandwiches that can only be had in Portland. The app lets you see the menu, order, and see special alerts. The store is run out of a truck, which is a common thing in this city. A great app for a great place to eat.