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Apps For Singers

Singers should rejoice in the myriad of iPhone apps out there. There are apps that help you improve your singing, apps for singing with others, and even voice coach apps. We gather the best ones up in this AppList.


by Singing Success, Inc.

VoiceCoach is an app that improves your singing ability. Your new coach will help you with your warm up, vocal exercises, warm down, track practice time, and much more. For those that need a different tempo or vocal range, the app is totally customizable. VocalCoach is a great app for those needing an iPhone vocal coach.

Voice Tutor

by Impack Productions

Voice Tutor aims to help you fix your vocal problems. The app will diagnose any challenges you are having and assist you by providing you the appropriate lesson. Also included is a workout session, a riff ’n run section, and more is on the way. Singers new and old should check this app out today.


by TC-Helicon

Voice Jam lets you create and share new recordings with the world. You simply record your voice and share. The app works beautifully by allowing you to record over yourself to allow for harmonization or background singing. Be your own producer with Voice Jam.

Singing Vocal Warm Ups - Singer's Friend

by Robert Lumpkins

Singer’s Friend provides the ultimate tool for practicing scales on your iPhone. All of the common scales are included. The vocal ranges are adjustable to ensure that it works for everyone. Arpeggios are also included. Singer’s Friend is a well designed- tool for singers.

Sing Harmonies

by Zanna Discs

Sing Harmonies takes some songs and lets you turn on or off different voices. The benefit here is that you learn the importance of the different voices. You can also sing along with various songs. Sing Harmonies would benefit from having more songs, but it's a great tool for those struggling with harmonies.

Staraoke - kids' singing game

by BeiZ Ltd.

Staraoke is an ingenious game. Your goal is to empower your character to finish the race. To move your character, you sing. The app will recognize if you are singing correctly and move accordingly. A game that is tons of fun for both kids and adults. Staraoke is an interesting take on a karaoke app.

Glee Karaoke

by Smule

Glee Karaoke is the best karaoke app available for the iPhone. New songs are added each week. The interface is simple and easy to use. Sound enhancers are included to make you sound even better. These include pitch corrections, harmonies, and a little reverb. The better you sing, the higher you score. Glee Karaoke lets you share your songs with the world and compete with friends. A great app for aspiring singers.