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Apps For TV Lovers

If you find yourself randomly humming the theme from your favorite sitcom, you might be a TV lover. If you know more about the politics of the "West Wing" than you do about the current administration, then you might be a TV lover. If you can describe the differences between all of the Law and Order spinoffs, you might be a TV lover. If so, then you will want to check out the following apps for iPhone and iPad. From keeping current on your favorite shows, to testing your TV trivia knowledge, these apps will help you stay in the loop.

What's On TV? HD


There are many apps for viewing TV listings, and even a couple on this list with TV listings, but "What's On TV" stands out because you can set up push notifications for your favorite TV shows. There are versions for iPad and iPhone but the iPad version is particularly enjoyable to use with the bigger screen.

i. TV

by i.TV LLC

With a free I.TV account you can interface with your Tivo or Roku box, set up alerts, download from iTunes or schedule through Netflix. It is a very connected app that will suit many different viewing habits. Upcoming showtimes can also be shared via email, Facebook, and Twitter.

TV Guide Mobile

by TV Guide

If you enjoy TV Guide news, then you may want to check out the free TV Guide app. There are better apps for getting TV listings, as mentioned above, but if you enjoy the TV Guide brand and news articles, this app provides these basic features.

TV Show tracker

by Pixel-Perfect Widgets

For those who don't care what is on TV beside their favorite shows, TV Show Tracker is a simple but well-designed app for keeping tabs on your favorite shows. Just search for the shows you like and you can see when the next episode is airing and what happened in recently missed episodes. An additional unique feature is its "shake for genius." After shaking your phone you are given a genius recommendation of another show you may like based on your current favorites.

ABC Player

by ABC Digital

If you are a true TV lover then you will want to watch on the go as well as at home. The iPad is great for TV consumption and the ABC Player app really shows off the iPad's capabilities. If you have sufficient bandwidth the quality is top notch. Recent full-length episodes with minimal commercials are provided for the whole ABC lineup. If only all of the networks would step up like this.

by CBS Interactive
FREE is a great way for iPhone users to watch on the go. The app provides a client for the website where you can access many networks and watch full-length episodes for free. In addition to "regular" TV shows you can also watch some online content from CNET.


by Elgato Systems

For those of you who use EyeTV on your Mac to record and watch television content, EyeTV for your iPhone or iPad is a great companion. With this app you can remote schedule recordings, access TV listings, and even watch live television on your iDevice. You do need to have EyeTV and a capture device installed on your Mac in order to use EyeTV for iOS.

IMDb Movies & TV

by IMDb

The Internet Movie Database is primarily thought of for movie content and with good reason. However, the IMDb app includes a thorough section for TV content as well. You can find out what is popular right now, take a look at what is playing tonight, and even get caught up on story lines that you may have missed. And of course, you can look up any TV show or actor to get all the info you could want.


by Netflix, Inc.

If you are already a Netflix subscriber, then the Netflix app for iPhone and iPad is a no-brainer. You can manage your queue, and best of all, watch any of the "watch instantly" content right on your iDevice. Better yet, if you stop watching mid show, you can continue watching on your computer or different device and Netflix keeps track of where you left off.

Hulu Plus

by Hulu, LLC

Hulu Plus is a new subscription service. For $10 per month you can watch all of the Hulu content on your iPad or iPhone. This service won't be for everyone especially since the content has significant advertisements despite the monthly fee. However, there are a few free shows available within the app without requiring the service charge. If you're a Hulu junkie, then you'll want to check out this app.


by TCM

If you love old movies and early TV classics like Gunsmoke, then you are already familiar with Turner Classic Movies. The TCM app provides schedules, photos, and video clips of classic movie moments. Along with enjoying classic movies, it's also enjoyable to learn the backstory and historical context in which these movies were made. TCM for iPhone has plenty of content to keep your interest in between showings.

Ultimate TV Trivia

by Datex Media, Inc.

Part of the fun in investing time in a TV series is learning as much as you can about the story and characters. With all of this acquired knowledge you may find enjoyment in testing your TV trivia skills with Ultimate TV Trivia. While it is not the prettiest app on the app store, it does have a deep selection of trivia, including current and classic TV shows.

Seinfeld Fan App

by PocketWins

Seinfeld may not be for everyone, but I couldn't resist including this app. With over 1300 trivia questions and a fun and well-designed user interface, this is the perfect app for any Seinfeld fan. If you missed Seinfeld the first time around, I am sure you won't have any trouble finding some reruns to brush up on your Seinfeld trivia.


by CSC Holdings, LLC.

If you're an Optimum subscriber and you have a DVR, this is definitely a must-have app. Get your tv listings and control your DVR right from this app. It would be nice if you could watch TV shows on your iDevice, but it's still a worthwhile app.


by Time Warner Cable

If you're a Time Warner Cable subscriber with an iPad, you'll want this app. Essentially, it turns your iPad into a TV set! Stream your favorite TV shows right onto your iPad. It doesn't include every channel, and yes, you must be on WiFi, but it's better than nothing. If you have a smart cover on your iPad 2, you can even stick your iPad right to the fridge to watch TV while you cook! The one huge feature missing from this app at present is DVR capabilities. How I would love to watch my DVR'd shows, since I rarely watch live TV anyway! Still, the app is free, so you have nothing to lose by checking it out.

Scene It? 30 Rock

by Screenlife, LLC

If you're a 30 Rock fan, a true fan, you'll definitely want to play this game! With over 50 pictures, video, and audio clips to enhance gameplay, you'll have fun battling wits your fellow 30 Rock fans on your iPhone or iPod touch. There is also a separate iPad version of the app.

Crackle - Movies & TV

by Crackle, Inc.

TV fans, you're going to want to download this one! It's free, it's universal, and it has tons of TV shows and movies you can watch on your iDevice! Yes, there are ads, as you might expect, and yes, selection is limited, but...did I mention, it's free?

SlingPlayer for iPhone

by Sling Media

This pricey app actually has the whole package if you don't mind paying for it -- control your DVR and watch your favorite TV shows. In addition to the $29.99 app, you'll also need to buy a Slingbox for your home. If you have an iPad, you'll have to shell out another $29.99 for that separate app as well.

DISH Remote Access

by DISH Network LLC

Downloading this app is a no-brainer if you're a DISH subscriber. Get TV listings, control your DVR, and watch your favorite shows on the go! It's got a fantastic feature set and it's free if you're already paying for the DISH network, so you've got nothing to lose by trying it out.


by AT&T Services, Inc.

AT&T U-verse subscribers, you'll definitely want to download this free app! You can browse the TV listings and set your DVR to record what you like. Watch selected shows available for streaming or download. Access the app via Edge, 3G, or WiFi.