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iPhone Apps for Writers

Any writer will tell you, inspiration for your next literary piece can strike at any moment. A lot of those times, you're usually not near a computer, and if you've forgotten your trust notepad, such sparks can be lost as quickly as gained. Thankfully, if you have your iOS device nearby, all is not lost. Check out our latest AppList as we explore some of the avenues writers have for jotting down their words, along with a few Apps that may help stimulate those creative juices.

My Writing Spot for iPad

by PT Software Solutions

My Writing Nook is a simple, distraction-free writing App that, despite its simplicity, incorporates most of the necessary features that make up a decent work processor. Featuring autosave, word count, password protection, document organization, and free online websync, My Writing Nook is a good choice for needing to simply write.


by Derek Lyons

Notably is a writing word processing tool in the similar vein of My Writing Nook. Featuring a good layout and interface, Notably’s goal is simply to provide a good simple App for writing down stories or notes. Unfortunately, the lack of a backup option other than email, password protection, or subfolder organization detracts from the overall experience.

Writer's Studio

by miSoft

For writers looking for a bit more variety than simply the spoken word, Writer’s Studio may be just up your alley. Featuring the ability to incorporate audio and visual elements into your textual story, Writer’s Studio id designed for those looking to create an “interactive story. Some have had some issues with the control scheme, but overall Writer’s Studio does a good job of bringing together multiple elements into one story.

iJournaler - Your Diary to Journal on iPad

by Bubblesort Laboratories LLC

iJournaler is one of the nicer looking writing tools available on iPad. Its attempts to replicate an actual leather-bound journal are very well done, and definitely adds to the immersion, arguably making one’s writing just simply look better. Currently, iJournaler is more form than function, as it looks websync or a way to easily sort and move through different entries, but future updates are promised.

Story Tracker - a submission tracking tool for writers

by Andrew Nicolle

Story Tracker is an amazing organization App that keeps track of your submitted works. Monitor everything from stories have been submitted, which stories have gone where, which publishers accepted or rejected submissions, income earned, and much more. The ability to backup and export the database for use on a desktop database is also a nice touch.


by Filter Apps, LLC

ScriptWrite is yet another word processing App for the iPhone, this time focusing more on the features needed for scriptwriters. One of the main differences between this App and other word processors is that ScriptWrite focuses on a seamless page, rather than separating writing into separate pages or categories like other Apps. This is supposed to “allow for uninterrupted creative flow while writing.” In practice, ScriptWrite does a decent job and is a good tool for scriptwriters, although an iPad update has long been overdue.


by Black Mana Studios

Another scriptwriting/word processing App, Screenplay’s biggest draw is its close integration with Final Draft, one of the standard screenplay-writing programs for the desktop. Featuring some good tools like a find/replace for changing the name of a character on the fly, the ability to import and export to Final Draft 8, and a decent (although somewhat clunky) interface, Screenplay is a good App for those that already have the other tools necessary to bring out the potential in this program.

The Brainstormer

by Tapnik

The Brainstormer is an amazing app designed to break through writer’s block or to serve as a simple inspiration for those looking to write. The Brainstormer utilizes three spinning wheels organized into themes, subjects, locations, and more. Shaking the phone launches the randomizer, with the object being that users will utilize whatever the App spits out as a bases for some writing (or as a way to jog other ideas). The Brainstormer works well in practice, and is a good tool for writers to have in case they’re looking for some creative ideas.

Advanced English Dictionary & Thesaurus

by jDictionary Mobile

A writer on the go needs a dictionary and thesaurus, and those are a dime a dozen on the App Store (if only they actually cost a dime, alas). Advanced English Dictionary & Thesaurus, however, rises above the rest with a good interface, fast speed, and a unique way of looking up words. In addition to simply typing in a word and having it pop up, this App will also show you words related to that word which you typed. Recommended for anyone needing a dictionary and thesaurus on the go.


by Automattic

Most folks that are interested in writing should be familiar with WordPress, the popular free blogging application that will either host a blog for you or on your own domain. The WordPress app is a universal program that essentially contains the same functionality as that of the desktop web application, such as adding, editing, removing and posting entries (along with image insertion, tags, categories, and much more). Recommended for those looking for a quick, easy way to get their writings online.

Pomodoro Time Management

by rapidrabbit

For writers that like to work on a deadline or only have a few minutes to spare, Pomodoro Time Management is a good App. This App allows you to separate tasks into pomodoros, which is equal to 25 minutes of actual work, and a five-minute break before the next task starts. Pomodoro Time Management allows you to list all your tasks that need to get done, and the App will run through each one with a 25 minute timer, a break, and then move on to the next one. It’s an interesting App, and is definitely useful for writers needing help focusing.


by Dropbox

For writers that work on multiple computers and gadgets, DropBox is an essential app. Use a DropBox client on your desktop, upload your latest writings, and retrieve them on your iOS device, ready to be edited. Upload your changed work back to your account to sync up your changes. This is one of the better Apps for ensuring your writings are backed up and ready to go on multiple machines.