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Apps To Help You Sleep

Have trouble sleeping? You can count sheep, count backwards, take some medication... or you could try using your iPhone, iPod, or iPad to bring some relaxation to your life. Try these apps to slow down, rejuvenate, and get some sleep!


by Urban Apps

I've been using this awesome sound generator for a couple of years now and it's always being updated with great relaxing sounds. Search for and mark your favorite sounds. It's got a very easy, but beautiful UI and with push notifications on, it will alert you when new sounds are available for download. No extra in app purchases necessary. Great Sound App that will certainly have you snoring in no time!

Power Sleep & Nap | AmbiScience™ • Binaural & Isochronic Ambient Sleep Utility

by Tesla Audio Sciences

Designed specifically for sleep, Power Sleep & Nap by Ambiscience takes the listener on a voyage of electronica entrainment tracks that are proven to bring the user to a blissful peace of mind (in other words, sleep like a baby!). It includes 11 long professional Ambient tracks, 8 Entrainment programs, and 9 beautiful ambient tracks. Power Sleep & Nap also includes an alarm with snooze option and frequent free updates.

Count Sheep HD

by Taber Buhl

If you're a sheep counter, then why not count some cute little virtual sheep as they jump over a wooden fence? This iPad HD app is helpful for putting the kids to bed and it certainly is better than staring at the ceiling! It's a well designed, simple app that allows for song randomization. Watch the stars slowly twinkle in the background! Just prop up your iPad near the bed and count till you fall asleep. Set a timer and the screen and music will gently fade when the timer runs out.

Breathing Zone - Relaxing Breathing Exercises

by Breathing Zone

Most of us have trouble falling asleep because our minds are so wound up thinking about all the crap that happened to us during the day. Breathing Zone helps by coaching you along a path to therapeutic breathing. Just close your eyes and follow the gentle voice commands until your heart and body slow to a relaxing pace. To get started, breath into the microphone of your iPhone or iPad and Breathing Zone will calculate a breathing program for you on the spot!

Fire HD

by Hurryforward Ltd

This is a great app for the winter time. A blazing fireplace is a great source of relaxation. If you don't have one, give this app a try. The virtual fireplace, candles, or bonfire video loops come complete with a series of different crackling sounds to choose from. It's a beautiful app thats nearly seamless and the sound will trick your mind into believing you're sleeping by the fire... minus the sparks, real flame, heat and ashes of course.

Relax & Rest Guided Meditations

by Meditation Oasis

Relaxation and Rest Guided Meditations is a pretty well developed app that does provide some calm, serenity amidst a hectic life. Choose from three different mediation plans: Breath Awareness, Deep Rest Meditation, and Whole Body Guided Relaxation. The female voice is beautiful and relaxing to listen to. The background music is fair, and there's no option to play your own music, but it actually works well. No prior meditation experience needed.

Relax Escape Meditate

by Seth Bond, LLC

Relax Escape Meditate is a beautiful app that combines 32 watercolor paintings with slow, relaxing piano playing. You may start by watching the mediation guide and the paintings of brilliant lights, but you'll end by snoring! In app purchases allow you to upgrade to more paintings like Impressionistic, Botanicals, and Lightscapes.

iRelax HD

by Gabe Jacobs Productions

iRelax HD is a sound app with a very simple UI. As you launch the app you'll be taken to a tropical beach with 16 sound loops written in the sand. The unique feature of iRelax is that you can play one or all of the sound loops at the same time(though, playing them all at once may not be too relaxing)! But just the right combination may have you snoozing in no time!

Liquid Mantra

by Hawi Stecher

Liquid Mantra is an interactive soothing app that allows the user to manipulate the liquid landscapes with the multi-touch interface of the iPad. Works well with the iPhone too. It's great for just sitting or lying down with and listening to music, playing with the colors on the screen, and letting your mind be freed from any other thoughts. Very relaxing, very cool.

Sleep Cycle alarm clock

by Maciek Drejak Labs

This app is pretty amazing. It actually turns the accelerometer in your iPhone into a sleep phase monitor. Then it determines when you're natural sleep pattern is at it's lightest to wake you up. Not sure I'd depend on it to make it to an early appointment, but if you want to tune into your body's best time to wake up and feel rested, you may want to give it a try.