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Apps That Work Alongside Desktop or Web Applications

One major deciding factor in peoples app choices these days tend to be whether there is a desktop or web program that you can run alongside your iPhone app. This list will provide you with apps that do just that. Whether it's a to-do app or a database program, these apps will have a desktop companion!


by Evernote

Evernote lets you store any information you may come across from text, photos, audio notes, and more! A great feature with this app is it's ability to make text in a snapshot searchable within the app. Millions of users have used Evernote because of its simplicity and power. You can sync Evernote with your mac, windows, or on the web.

NetNewsWire Premium

by NewsGator Technologies, Inc.

an RSS reader for your iPhone that can sync with google reader, NetNewsWire for mac, and NewsGator for windows! If there are feeds from any of your desktop companions that you don't want to view on your iPhone, you can hide them!

ShoveBox Mobile

by Wonder Warp Software SP

Capture, view, organize, and edit data on the go! ShoveBox lets you capture rich text, web archives, images, pdfs, and more and let's you organize them all within the app. You can also sync you information to the desktop companion of ShoveBox to organize there or add more data from your desktop!

DropCopy - share files and clipboards wirelessly

by 10base-t Interactive

DropCopy lets you share files wirelessly between iPhones, iPod Touches, or to a computer. You can send images, movies, pdfs, and more, and view a quick look of your files right on your iPhone. There is also a desktop companion that provides simple ways to distribute files between computers!

2Do: Tasks Done in Style

by Guided Ways Technologies Ltd

The greatest thing I have found with this app, is its graphical and fun user interface. You can drag and drop tasks in different folders, swipe the task to see a animated pencil scratch it off the list, and or set reoccurring due dates. You can sync your 2do's with iCal or set then to remind you via email. 2Do also sends push notifications to remind you of your items that need to be completed.


by FileMaker, Inc.

Organize you life with the famous Bento iPhone app. This database app comes after the desktop version of Bento to help you keep all your information with you at all times. With bento you can track projects, contacts, create To Do items, record recipes, plan events, and much much more! This app is very powerful and is best used with its desktop companion of bento. This app has been highly recommended by many users and is sure to help you better organize any aspect of your life!


by Cultured Code GmbH & Co. KG

Things is a very easy to use task manager app that may lack some of the more advanced features people are looking for, but for getting things done, it's very simple. The app syncs with a desktop version for mac that has a few more features than the iPhone app itself. Users of this iPhone app have complained that there have been no major updates to this app for a while.

OmniFocus for iPhone

by The Omni Group

If you are looking for a very powerful get things done app, this app has it all. You can sort your tasks into categories, set repeat due dates, or even set the location that your task needs to be done. The desktop companion desktop application isn't cheap but is packed with great features. You can sync your tasks wirelessly via mobile me or bonjour. For now, the desktop app can only be used on the mac.


by Dropbox

Dropbox lets you sync your files online and view them with this iPhone app. You can download files for offline use on your iPhone or send links to files in your Dropbox for others to view or download. This app requires an online Dropbox online account to work with it. So be sure to register when you download the app.

Pastebot — Command Copy & Paste

by Tapbots

A clipboard app that lets you store clips of text or images to the app for later pasting into other apps. You can also push text or images from your mac to your iPhone via WiFi.

Remember The Milk

by Remember The Milk

A very handy To-Do app that works and syncs seamlessly with the online task management service Your tasks can be seen on your iPhone while offline and sync later when you have an internet connection so you don't have to always depend on internet to remember the milk!

1Password Pro

by AgileBits Inc.

Store all your passwords, credit card info, combinations, online accounts, or even notes with 1password Pro. This app requires a password prior to launching for the security your passwords need You can even set another master password for your credit card information or any other passwords you feel needs another level of security. 1password can sync with its desktop companion for viewing on the mac or your iPhone.

Pocket Informant

by Web Information Solutions, Inc.

Keep track of events and manage your tasks all in one app. This app has integrated calendaring and Get Things Done services in one app and syncs with multiple services like google calendar, toodledo, iCal and more!

Zenbe Lists

by Zenbe, Inc

A lists management app that lets you create lists and share them with other iPhone users using the app. You can also sync your lists online and embed list widgets in your blog for all your readers to see!


by Advenio

Browse and create recipes, write notes, or create shopping lists and sync them all with the mac version of MacGourmet. A great app for sharing meal ideas or keeping your recipes with you wherever you go!

Documents To Go® - Office Suite

by DataViz, Inc.

View and edit Microsoft Office Word and Excell files and view multiple file formats like PDF, PowerPoint, apple iWork, and more. The app includes a desktop app for Mac and Windows so you can sync your files between the desktop and iPhone. You can also share files via email from your iPhone. A very powerful tool for editing your documents on the go!


by Appigo

Sync ToDo with popular services like iCal, Outlook,, and RTM Pro. ToDo has a stylish and easy to use interface yet is very powerful with features like subtasks, managing multiple tasks at once and more!