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Augmented Reality Sports

Sports were made for augmented reality. These games allow you to interact with your real environment, but virtually. Learn how to toss a boomerang, shoot some hoops, or even run around playing soccer. We showcase the best augmented reality sport apps in this AppList.

Boomerang AR

by Portable Zoo

Boomerang AR provides tons of fun and all of it is free. Simply snap to throw the boomerang. When it returns, snap to catch. There is not a ton of skill involved in catching it. It is a fun app that lets you throw a boomerang anywhere your heart desires.

ARSoccer - Augmented Reality Soccer Game

by Laan Labs

AR Soccer lets you kick around a virtual soccer ball anywhere you go. The game works on older devices, which is a rarity in this category of apps. The kicks are fairly responsive and provides a fun experience. There is both a free play mode and an arcade mode. In the arcade mode, you are challenged to keep the ball in the air as long as possible. AR Soccer is a free app that is fun for everyone.

ARBasketball - Augmented Reality Basketball Game

by Simiotica

AR Basketball is one of those print-out style AR apps. Basically you either print out or display an image on an iPad to use this app. When you point your camera at the image, a hoop will display. You can then shoot a basketball into the hoop. The reliability of the app is okay, but not great. There are times when the hoop does not display properly. Overall, AR Basketball is a wonderful addition to your AR sporting app folder.

Kinematix AR

by Jason Bautista

Kinematix AR is a fun sport/game for the iPhone. Your goal is to avoid the red balls, while hitting the green balls. Ten levels are included and there is some novelty in a game like this. The app works okay, but not great. There are many improvements that could be made and we hope will be. Overall, for a version 1.0, game this is a great one to pick up.

Laser Tag!!!

by Bendy Tree, LLC

Laser Tag - Augmented Reality is the ultimate AR sports game. This one is for iPhone 4 folks alone. Besides using your typical AR sensors, it also uses the flash light on the back of the iPhone 4. There is a one player mode, which is useful for practicing aiming and shooting. The two player mode is the most advanced of the gameplay modes. When hit, your phone will look damaged and vibrate. When the game concludes, your scores and stats will automatically be tallied up. There is also a group mode, which is less polished. Game Center leaderboards and achievements are also included. Laser Tag is a great “sports” game that can get you out of the house and moving!