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Apps For Bikers

Are you a biker with an iPhone? Whether you ride a bicycle to get around, race, or just have fun, there are some great apps to help you out. The App Store is loaded with quality biking apps. We showcase our favorites in this AppList.

Amazon Mobile

by AMZN Mobile LLC

First things first: you’ll need to buy a bike. If you don’t have a bike, you can buy your very own today at The app provides easy access all of Amazon’s inventory. If you have Amazon Prime you can even have your bike sent to you next day for only $3.99! The selection of bikes is pretty fantastic. You can buy a mountain bike, road bike, comfort bike, cruiser, speciality, or a hybrid bike. Prices are competitive and a great place to pick up your bike. Don’t forget to pick up a helmet and night protective gear while you're at it.

cPRO craigslist client for iPhone and iPod

by Escargot Studios, LLC

If you want to try your luck in the used market for a bike, then Craigslist is your friend. You’ll be able to meet with people who are selling their bikes and biking gear. As always with Craigslist, try to go with a friend to meet the seller, and meet in a public place, for your own safety. It may be smart to go with someone that knows a thing or two about bikes to make sure you’re getting a good bike too.

Fahrenheit - Weather and Temperature on your Home Screen

by International Travel Weather Calculator

Before you begin your biking expedition, you’ll want to know the weather. The Fahrenheit app does a good job at conveying the temperature throughout the week and includes some handy tidbits like sunrise and sunset times. Use this app to make sure you dress appropriately for the trip.

Weather Radar

by Exact Magic Software, LLC

If you are biking in an area that does have rain, this is an app you’ll want to have handy. When you see those storm clouds in the distance this app will help you know the direction the storm is headed and help you figure out if you’ll get caught in the rain. Don’t get caught in the rain, grab this app instead.

Bike Maps — by Maplets

by Zaia Design

Now that you have your bike and are equipped for the weather, you’ll want to plan out your trip. Bike Maps integrates several different kinds of maps, including those for cities and some biking trails. Offline support is included, which allows you to use it where 3G is spotty. Know your path with Bike Maps - by Maplets.

Mountain Bike Trails

by Total Square

Want to go on a fun mountain biking adventure? Well, you may want to find some trails worthy of your mountain bike. This app does just that. It is a well-designed and content-rich app to help you plan out your next big mountain biking adventure.

Bike Safety

by Stroika

Before embarking on your well-planned bike trip you’ll want to launch the Bike Safety app. This app will guide you through some very important safety tips. You’ll learn how to stay safe, wear good night clothes, cross streets, and much more.

Simple Dashboard

by Busang-Systems

If you don’t need the bells and whistles of the other HUD app, then grab this free alternative. The interface is simple and includes some great tools.

MapMyRide+ GPS Cycling

by MapMyFitness

Logging is a fun thing to do. This app will keep track of where you bike to. You can share that data with your friends if you desire. Using apps like this can make your bike trips that much more enjoyable.

Bike Doctor

by Ron Forrester

After going for some bike rides and putting some wear on your bike, you’ll want to maintain and even repair some broken parts. The Bike Doctor app walks you through all of the maintenance for your bike and assists you with your bike repairs. Be smart and keep your bike in good shape with Bike Doctor.

Moto Chaser

by Freeverse, Inc.

After fixing up your bike, you may want to sit back and relax to some bike-styled gaming. Moto Chaser is one of the oldest biking games for the iPhone. While a motorcycle is not a bike, the appeal of this game will attract bicyclists too. You race through various courses on your motorcycle in both dirt and traditional roads. This is an iOS classic.

LightBike 2

by Pankaku Inc.

It is the fantasy of many bikers to one day ride a Tron-styled bike. While this dream does not come true today, it can come true virtually. LightBike 2 is a game that puts you in the driver seat of a Tron-styled bike. This is a fun biking game to keep you entertained until your next biking trip.

Tour de France 2011 : The Official Game

by Extra Live

Getting into more realistic gaming is the Tour de France 2011 game. Modeled after the real event, you’ll get to experience what the epic race is all about. While it would be better to be a participant in the Tour de France, this is the next best thing.

Tour de France All Access – NBC Sports Group’s Coverage of Le Tour Featuring Live Video & Real-Time Rider Tracking

by NBC Universal, Inc.

Moving away from the games and back into the real world is the Tour de France All Access app. You’ll be able to track the racers and watch live video through this fantastic free app. Bikers with an interest in the racing aspect of biking should take a look at this one.

BMX Wallpapers

by Bluewater Publishing

Finally, what biker doesn’t want to outfit their iPhone’s wallpaper with biking images? The BMX Wallpapers app includes over 100 biking inspired images. Stay in the biking mindset by changing up your iPhone wallpaper with biking themed wallpaper. You now have all the tools you need as a biker with this app and the others that preceded it.