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Christmas apps for kids

Christmas is exciting on its own, but seeing kids overjoyed with the holiday season makes it so much better. In this AppList, we've gathered the best Christmas apps for little ones. There are great interactive versions of popular Christmas stories, games, and activities. So delight the youngsters with these apps and watch their faces light up.

A Charlie Brown Christmas - A Peanuts Holiday Classic Interactive Pop-up Book for All Ages

by Loud Crow Interactive Inc.

There are many Christmas e-books. Some of them are very good. If you're only going to get one, however, this is the one to get. Charles Schultz' classic Christmas tale has taken on a timeless quality, which spans the gap of generations. With its balanced blend of homage and digital accessibility, Charlie Brown Christmas is great for both nostalgic parents and their kids. With its high production value, interesting in-app interactions, and narration by the original voice of Charlie Brown, the app is a fantastic way to introduce this beloved Christmas story to a whole new generation of children.

The Nutcracker and The Mystery of The Disappearing Cheese

by Quasar Alliance, Inc

This game is one of the most sophisticated and extensive collections of mini-games for children that I've seen. The app includes an original Christmas story that bundles a load of activities for your kids to enjoy. Instead of just having one type of activity, this app has all kinds: dress up, cake decoration, playing with tin soldiers, and driving a train. This app is definitely worth purchasing if you are looking for an all-in-one Christmas activities app for the kids.

Elmo's Monster Maker

by Sesame Street

Even kids go wild for celebrities. While the wee ones may or may not recognize the likes of rock stars, pro athletes, or even the President, many of them will squeal with delight at the first sign of Elmo, the famous red Muppet. This trend should continue with Elmo's Monster Maker. The app doesn't simply borrow Elmo's likeness. It is infused with his personality and humor. There are plenty of Christmas themed features with which to decorate your monster, but the real joy of the app is hearing Elmo's commentary and watching him interact with your monster creations.

How The Grinch Stole Christmas! - Dr. Seuss

by Oceanhouse Media

This app is for Dr. Seuss fans that just want a virtual version of the modern classic, "How the Grinch Stole Christmas." It comes with a voice-over narration, so your kids can be guided through by themselves. If you don't like the voice of the provided narrator, you get the option to record your own narration. The downside of this app is it doesn't come with any other activities or features. It is just an audiobook, but still quite entertaining to the kids.

Find the Scout Elves - Elf on the Shelf® — Elf Hide and Seek Christmas Game for Kids

by The Elf on the Shelf CCA & B LLC.

It seems like Elf on the Shelf is tradition in most homes these days, so we cannot leave them out of this AppList! Children will love being able to interact with scout elves in Find the Scout Elves. This game is very similar to whack-a-mole. They have to tap the elves before they hide, or time runs out. You can even adjust the difficulty so that they don't get bored with this game too quickly.

Talking Santa for iPad HD

by Out Fit 7 Ltd.

Of course, the biggest Christmas celebrity is Santa himself. There are a number of ways to interact with him in this app. You can talk to Santa and hear him repeat your words. You can also tickle him, feed him milk and cookies, or run him over with a giant snowball, all while videotaping. Please note that there is an additional in-app purchase that features Santa talking to Talking Tom's nephew Ginger. Also note that there is one shot where Santa pulls down his pants to reveal a Christmas message on the backside of his undergarments. It's meant to be innocent and playful, but it may dissuade some from buying.

Toca Hair Salon - Christmas Gift

by Toca Boca AB

Many Christmas apps require you to decorate a tree or dress up Santa Claus. This app allows you to give both Santa and tree a nice haircut or shave. Instead of cutting hair, you may decide to dye Santa's beard and give him a blow dry. This app offers a unique spin on typical Christmas decoration apps and is a worthy diversion for kids this holiday season.

Kids Songs | Videos | Educational Stories & Games | PINKFONG

by Samsung Publishing Ltd.

One of the top rated educational apps for kids has gotten a Christmas update. For an in-app purchase of $4.99, you can download any of three Christmas song sets: "The Best of Christmas," "Very Merry Christmas," and "Joyful, Joyful Christmas." Sing along with the cute animated characters in the game and let your little ones follow along as the lyrics appear at the bottom of the screen. With colorful graphics and a huge selection of songs, this sing-along app is a great musical addition to your app collection.

Santa Cam FX

by Hot Salsa Interactive

If you've got a child that needs proof of Santa, look no further. Santa Cam FX will help you create videos and pictures of Santa and his helpers in your own home so that you can provide that hard evidence to your child when they begin to lose their Christmas spirit.

Santa Tracker Mobile - Countdown to Christmas & Track Santa Claus

by Shifting Blue, LLC

When you've reassured your child that there is indeed a Santa, let them track Santa by counting down the days before Christmas. See what Santa and his elves are up to, then follow his route as Santa and his reindeer deliver presents on Christmas Eve.

ElfYourself by Office Depot, Inc.

by Magic Mirror LLC

ElfYourself is a neat little app that lets you take pictures of yourself and your loved ones and put them on elves. But the fun doesn't end there! These aren't just any elves. These are singing and dancing elves, which will surely entertain the kiddos!

Sleeps To Christmas 2 - Christmas Countdown with Animated Characters!

by Dardan Software Limited

December seems to be a month of high anticipation for the little ones. They can even get to the point of constantly asking when Christmas is, annoying as that can be. Be sure to have Sleeps To Christmas 2 downloaded so that they can countdown to Christmas in a fun way. Hopefully this will keep them from asking, "How many days until Christmas?" over and over again.

Holly - A Christmas Tale HD

by Big Fish Games, Inc

If your kid is a little too old for Elmo or a basic virtual book, download Holly - A Christmas Tale HD. This is a hidden object game made for slightly older children who want to play something a little more challenging.