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Fun & Educational Math Apps for Kids

It’s time for kids to crunch numbers in a fun way! While math can be an intimidating subject for some kids, there are plenty of apps for kids to enjoy their learning experiences. The best part is that kids won’t know they are learning because they’ll be having so much fun playing math games. These elementary school level math apps are a win-win for teachers and parents who want to motivate their kids to sharpen their math skills! This AppList focuses on iPad apps, but most of the apps are actually universal, so you can use them on your iPhone or iPod touch as well.

Free Kids Counting Game

by iKidsPad

Do you want to keep counting simple? Ease younger kids into the playful math mood with the KidsCounting app. It is a fun and simple app for the kids who just want to count. They can count the shapes on the screen and then hit the matching number.

Math Puppy – Bingo Challenge Educational Game for Kids HD

by Kids Games Club

Math bingo is a great playtime activity centered around math. Kids can solve arithmetic problems in this universal app while aiming to complete rows and columns. This game is too cute with puppies appearing behind every correct bingo column. It's fun, and the best part is that kids don't know they're learning!

Park Math HD - by Duck Duck Moose

by Duck Duck Moose

Any kid can play math in the park! This app lets kids skate around with a blue bear in the park. The app is a mix of stories, math word problems, and an element of touch that lets kids solve problems. Let your kids engage in math with sound, touch, sight, and critical thinking. Young kids will love this visual way of learning.

Math with Balloons

by H2indie LLC

When kids want some more stimulation and action, they don’t need to crunch numbers but rather float with them! Universal app Math with Balloons lets kids catch the floating balloons and drag them into the equation at hand. With enough stimulation and interaction, kids will learn, earn points, and pop away! This app is great for encouraging kids to pick up their speed while they calculate math equations.

Math Soccer


Another universal game that invites a little thrill and action to math problems is Math Soccer. Replace the Foosball table with penguins, a soccer ball and math equations in the mix. Two penguins are on either side of a soccer field with a goalie on the bottom of the screen. Kids control the goalie by hitting hit the numeric ball into the right goal with the matching equation.

Fun With Math Flash Cards FREE

by Joshua Frasier

Want to spend quality time with your kids as they take on double digits? Tackle math with a deck of flash cards. Here is a free and universal math flash cards game where kids solve math problems with addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. No need for lost or messy flash cards because kids can check their answers with a click of a button!

3rd Grade Math: Splash Math Worksheets Game for 16 chapters [HD Full]

by StudyPad, Inc.

Who said kids had to learn math on land? Kids can make a splash under the sea with Splash Math apps. There are individual math apps for grades 1-3. Kids can play or practice their math and earn points for every right answer. Then they can also use those points to buy prizes and build their underwater fish tank. There’s even a little creature on the bottom to cheer on kids for their efforts! While kids are having fun, parents can take advantage of the important features in this app including activity logs and adjusting the difficulty level of the game. If parents want more splashy fun, the developer even allows users to buy additional packs to expand the games (i.e. addition concepts, addition strategies, Addition Refresher etc). The linked app is for iPad, but there are many versions of this app for iPhone as well.

Mathmateer™ Free (formerly Rocket Math Free)

by Dan Russell-Pinson

If math under the sea, in the sky, or on a soccer field aren’t enough, there is math that that’s out of this world! Rocket Math is the ultimate arcade experience with math. Kids can make money by solving problems and building cool rockets. There are a variety of math games for kids disguised as ‘math missions' in this universal app. Parents will not mind their kids indulging in this game because hours of play lead to hours of sharpened math skills.

Math Ninja HD Free!

by Razeware LLC

Want your kids to fight math crime with a game? In this case, kids will be tackling a gigantic tomato villain who unleashes his wrath on the math ninja! It's up to the ninja to save the day by solving math problems in between shooting down evil bots in this fun, universal app. Plus, the ninja gets rewarded with points and can upgrade equipment to fight off the evil bots. The game stimulation in between solving the math problems is a perfect balance of study and play.

Everyday Mathematics® Equivalent Fractions™

by McGraw-Hill School Education Group

Fractions are fun with this encouraging game of matching equivalent fractions! This fractions app is perfect for kids who want to stretch their brains beyond the basics. The McGraw Hill fractions app lets kids draw a deck of cards and match fractions that are equivalent to one another. In a classroom setting, this app is perfect for one kid or group time learning. No need for kids to play solitaire on the computer when they can be sharpening their fractions skills with this universal app.