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Games for Non-Gamers

No shooting, blood, guts, or gore. Just casual, enjoyable games for people who don’t consider themselves serious gamers. Many will be familiar even if you've never used an iDevice. Some challenge your mind; others are totally mindless. Some you can play with a friend, either in real life or online; while others you play just by yourself.


by PopCap

Let's start with some games you already know. This popular app is the original “match three” game from Facebook that spawned a thousand imitators. Slide colorful jewels to form chains of three or more. You can connect to your Facebook account and play against your friends, too.

Power of Logic

by Flow Studio

If you've ever played the classic game of logic or the more popular board game Mastermind, this concept will be second nature to you. The goal is to break the code and solve the puzzle. There is a predetermined pattern of colored pegs, and you must figure out what the exact pattern is. You’re given eight different colored pegs to choose from, but choose wisely, and be quick. This is a great puzzle game for all ages.

Words With Friends Free

by Zynga

If you're a fan of Scrabble, this unofficial "homage" is the best game on iPhone. Period. That's ten points right there!

Sudoku (Free)

by Mighty Mighty Good Games

Here's another game that will look familiar. If you like the pen-and-paper Sudoku, you’ll love it on the iPhone. You get several color choices and can customize gameplay to make the game however easy or difficult you'd like.

MONOPOLY Here & Now: The World Edition

by Electronic Arts

This is Monopoly on the grandest scale. Buy up properties from all over the world, and laugh as you extract every last penny from your poor, destitute friends. We're still waiting for the Star Trek reissue...

Card Shark Solitaire

by Easy 8 Software

Klondike solitaire is the most common version of the popular pastime, and this free, universal app has appealing graphics and nice animations There are many choices for backgrounds and card backs--You can even use photos from your photo library! It's comforting, it's familiar, it's solitaire. Deal three!

Elevens Gems

by Supportware

Elevens Gems is a simple math game. All you do is tap numbered jewels to add up to 11. When you hit that mark, those gems disappear, and more come in to replace them. It's fun and appropriate for both kids and adults.


by Colorme(Beijing)Info Tech Co.,Ltd

Flowerz is an attractive game where you try to “plant” matching flowers in groups of three. Once you have three in a row, they disappear, but three more grow in to take their place! The new flowers will be the color of the old flower’s center, so strategize accordingly.


by CRS Diogenes

If you like strategy, you'll love iConquelor. Play against the computer and try to dominate the board full of colorful circles. You start at one corner of the board (your enemy at the other), and progress across towards your foe. Touch a red circle, for example, and all the neighboring red circles will be yours. Get more circles than your opponent for the win. It's like Risk without the risk!


by AggroPanda

Rather than careful planning, you need quick thinking to excel at Squism.Try to collect as many colorful squares as you can to create a two-colored path to get through the board. The colors always change so you have to pay close attention. Power ups, a lively soundtrack, and different modes keep gameplay fresh. Open Feint allows you to share your scores with other players.


by Noisette Software Corporation

But let's face it—you don't always want to have to plan ahead or think fast when you're playing a game on your iPhone. Fun cartoon graphics and bubble-popping action make BustIt great for when you have a few minutes to kill. You'll get a three-dimensional cube full of bright bubbles clustered by color. Pop them in the biggest blasts you can for maximum points.

Sushi Cat

by Armor Games Inc

This ridiculously-themed puzzler is a Pachinko-style game. The object is simple: Drop the rotund, jelly-like title character so he captures and eats sushi until he can't eat anymore. Of course, there are new obstacles to navigate on each level, but the Retina graphics and Game Center support will keep you coming back no matter how tough things get. Ew, tough sushi? Send it back!


by Electronic Arts

If you played Boggle as a kid, you'll love the digital version! Challenge your friends to a game of Boggle through GameCenter. Three different modes, sound effects, and unlockable scenarios add to the fun.

Fruit Ninja

by Halfbrick Studios

Not all of us enjoy word games. Well, all of US do, but all of you might not. And not all of us like "match three" types, either. Well, NONE of us do, but all of you might. In this action puzzler, you slice your way through a variety of fruit to get high scores and Samurai swords. Don't play with your food! Well, okay—just this one time ...

Glow Hockey 2 FREE

by Natenai Ariyatrakool

You can even play air hockey on this thing? You bet! It's like having your own game den all on your iPhone. Plus, everyone knows how to play this game; and with the bright neon interface, and easy gameplay, it's fun for all ages.