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Guilty Pleasure Apps For The iPad

The App Store is just loaded with tons of great hidden gems. There are some great guilty pleasure apps for the iPad. These are apps that not everyone may understand or appreciate. Many may wonder why someone would even put some of these apps on an iPad. There are some great ones and this AppList will take you through some of our favorites.


by Colordodge Labs

Uzu is one of those apps that many may see as pointless. The app lets you interact with light in a very cool way. The app will do different things with light particles as you add fingers onto the screen. Each finger added will make your interaction with light a little bit different. Start playing with Uzu and you may find yourself wondering where your day went. A fantastic app that we can’t recommend enough.

Magic Window - Living Pictures

by Jetson Creative LLC

Magic Window is another app that many may find silly. On the other hand, Magic Window is a reason many may want a second iPad. The app allows those who have bad or no window views to get a “magic” window. The app will animate a beautiful scene for you. The app allows you to select how fast or slow this goes. The app is continually updated giving you more and more scenes every few months. If you need a better view, then this guilty pleasure app may be for you.

Pocket Pond HD

by TriggerWave LLC

Pocket Pond is a free app that lets you build your own virtual pond. You are able to throw in fish, lily pads, and even flies. The app will play a nice soundtrack to go along with your pond. The app is a big hit with cats and dogs as they try to grab the fish as they swim by. The app is also very soothing and is a great app to spend a few minutes in.

Stack of Dimes

by Rational Robot

Stack of Dimes is an app that ties into a podcast by the same name. The podcast is all about guilty pleasures. The podcast is marked in iTunes as explicit so if profanity is something you want to avoid, then you will also want to avoid this app. The podcast is a funny one that has just reached episode 100. If you want to listen to other people’s guilty pleasures while playing your own guilty pleasure app, then this is definitely one to install.

Magic Fiddle

by Smule

Magic Fiddle is an app that turns your iPad into a virtual fiddle/violin. The app is done extremely well and includes lessons for those that don’t know how to play the fiddle. It is a guilty pleasure because it can look very odd to many watching you hold up your iPad to your chin to play. If you aren’t afraid of a little embarrassment, then this is a wonderful app to get.

VoiceKeyboard HD

by Terry Demco

Voice Keyboard HD is a fantastic keyboard app for the iPad. The app lets you record any audio through the built in mic and use that as the sound for your keyboard. This lets you build a keyboard with your own voice, your dog, or any other sound you can create. The app lets you save these keyboards to come back to in the future. The app is a guilty pleasure because it is so much fun to create these unique sounding keyboards.

Skyfire Web Browser for iPad - The Flash Video Browser

by Skyfire Labs, Inc.

Skyfire Web Browser for iPad is a guilty pleasure for many. The app allows you to playback Flash videos right on your iPad. It does this by doing on the spot re-encoding of Flash to H.264. If you are someone that wants to stick it to Apple and play Flash videos on your iPad, then this is a great way to do that.

pzizz sleep

by pzizz technology limited

Pzizz sleep is an iPhone app native app and has not been upscaled to the iPad yet. The iPad has a much better speaker compared to the iPhone and that is why I use it on my iPad. The app is empowered by the Pzizz sleep engine, which creates a brand new sleep track according to the settings you give it. The app has a built in alarm clock, which is great because the iPad does not have one yet. The app puts nearly everyone to sleep within minutes of turning it on. It is a guilty pleasure app that I use nearly every day.

pzizz energizer

by pzizz technology limited

Pzizz energizer is an app that uses similar technology to Pzizz sleep. The app is highly refined to assist you in getting energized in the middle of the day with a nice power nap. People used to create little CDs with Pzizz energizer tracks on it. Now with the iPad, those CDs are a thing of the past. If you need a great napping app, this is the best one out there.

LightBike 2

by Pankaku Inc.

LightBike 2 is a free version of the popular Tron game for the iPad. The app brings you back to the days of the arcade. The app features two different modes including: traditional map and a newer styled map. The app is not without its flaws, but because it is so nostalgic it truly is a guilty pleasure.