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11 iPad Apps To Dump Your Laptop

Have you noticed? Your laptop is jealous. She weathered the storm when you introduced your iPhone, but now she's freaking out. She's got iPad envy. Can you blame your laptop? She sees the way you cradle that new iPad, how you touch the screen, and tenderly push the button. But is your iPad ready to be more than just friends? If you're ready to officially dump your laptop, here's 11 Apps that will help.


by LogMeIn, Inc.

OK, you're not really replacing your laptop with this one, but you're able to access it and all the files and programs on your laptop with LogMeIn. It's kind of like agreeing to stay friends with your Ex for the sake of the kids (program files). Your iPad actually "becomes" your laptop, or any other computer, once you follow the simple steps of setting up a free LogMeIn account on all your computers. The iPad's 9.7" screen is filled with your laptop's monitor just as if you were in front of it! Add a bluetooth keyboard and the experience is very similar to using your laptop. You may hesitate to install a $29.99 app, but if you're really considering breaking up with your laptop, LogMeIn is a must buy.


by Apple

Pages is a powerful word processing app designed by Apple that gives the iPad user the ability to create and edit documents. Since you'll be saying "good bye" to your laptop, you'll need this powerful app which includes several templates to get you started. After just a few minutes with Pages, you'll get the hang of adding your own pictures from the photo app, changing text format, and creating professional documents like a pro. Pages also allows exporting in three different formats, Pages, PDF, or Word. There is also the option of sending the document via email, or sharing via For now, it's the best mobile document creation and sharing available in the App Store.


by Apple

Keynote is beautifully designed to give you easy access to that perfect presentation to show off right on your iPad. Or, with an Apple's optional adapter, you can present it on an external monitor or projector. Keynote is simple to use, has 12 optional Apple designed templates to give you a head start complete with animations, tables and charts. Easily add your own photos and videos from your Photo app. You can also export your presentations to share with co-workers, or transfer it between your Mac or PC and your iPad through file sharing in iTunes.


by Apple

Are numbers your game? Then you'll definately want this powerful spreadsheet creator. When it comes to mobile spreadsheet applications, Numbers is king. Leave it to Apple to come up with such a powerful, user friendly application that can totally replace anything you could use on your laptop. With over 250 functions, built-in help, and 16 Apple designed templates to get you started, why would you want to lug that laptop around? And of course, just like Keynote and Pages, Numbers has options for sharing and exporting all your spreadsheet creations.


by SugarSync, Inc.

If you've never had the need to have an automatic online back-up of your files, you will! SugarSync is a subscription service that runs in the back ground of your computer that's easy to set up. It will automatically back up your files to an online cloud which then can be accessed by SugarSync's iPhone/iPad app. The app itself is free but does require a SugarSync subscription for the computers you are backing up. The app is simple, intuitive and gives you the option of viewing or sending your files. When you choose to "view" a file, it downloads it in a viewer. If it's a document, you can copy and paste it right into Pages for editing.

Print n Share

by EuroSmartz Ltd

How can your iPad ever hope to replace your laptop if you can't print from it? Print n Share has solved that problem with an app that's UI is intuitive and leads you through a surprisingly simple set up. You will have the option of printing to any printer connected to the internet through wifi or 3G. With careful reading of the instructions, and help via the Eurosmartz website, you'll be printing from your iPad or iPhone in no time. You'll need to download the free WePrint Server onto the computer that is connected to your printer. No worries, it's available on the EuroSmartz website. Then, once the app is installed and set up, you'll be able to print documents, email, webpages, attachments, and even photos.


by Netflix, Inc.

Come on, admit it. You watch movies on your laptop right? Who hasn't used their laptop as a DVD player on a long road trip with their kids? Now with the Netflix iPad app, you'll have access to thousands of instant streaming movies, documentaries, TV shows, and Starz Play. Your laptop would argue, "You can watch Netlix on me too!" But, honestly, have you ever tried laying your laptop on your chest in bed to watch a movie? Not only is it heavy, but after a few minutes you're in danger of second degree burns! Not so with the sleek, light weight, room temperature iPad. Of course, the Netflix iPad App will only work if you log into an existing Netfllix account. But, for just $8.99 a month you'll have access to all those instant streaming movies on any of your computers, not to mention the ability to build a DVD Queue that will have a constant stream of DVD's mailed to you one at time.

AIM for iPad

by AOL Inc.

Another feature rich app that actually is less clunky than the Aim experience on a laptop. Aim's beautiful layout for the iPad is your one-stop-shop for all your instant messaging needs. AOL got it right with this one! You can keep track of all your friends whether they're on Aim, Facebook, Myspace, or Twitter. You can set up Aim to connect all your social networks together. Hey, you can even send IM's from it to anyone with a mobile phone that receives text messages! If you're looking for an all in one social media repository, Aim for iPad's a no brainer. And you can't beat the price...FREE!

Photogene for iPad

by Omer Shoor

Remember when you're laptop became your new photo album? It was fun to show off your laptop to family and friends. She was so cute when she showed those slideshows. If your family and friends thought your laptop was cute, they'll think your iPad is HOT! The point is, most of us have way more digital photos than printed photos. One of the most obvious uses for the iPad is a photo viewer. But what about editing all those photos? Photogene is by far the most impressive photo editors for the iPad so far. Priced at $3.99, it's well worth the macros alone! With just one touch they instantly transform your photos into works of art. Complete with nearly every photo editing tool most of us need, Photogene for iPad is an app that will make you think twice before pulling out the laptop for photo editing.

Air Sharing for iPad

by Avatron Software, Inc.

Air Sharing HD is the closest thing to a real file browser on a non-jailbroken iPad. This awesome app gives you the ability to map your iPad as a network drive to your PC or even use a Bonjour id for even simpler set up on a Mac. With plenty of support via the in app help, you'll be swappin' files back and forth from your desktop in no time! Air Sharing HD also does something the iPad alone can't yet, it opens zip files! Not to mention supporting movies, audio and images. Another great feature is the ability to mount remote servers with presets for MobileMe iDisk, iCloud, FilesAnywhere, and other WebDav servers. Just turn on Print Sharing in the app and you'll also be able to print most viewable documents. See! You thought this break up was going to get ugly didn't you?


by Dropbox

And finally, if you're going to "drop" your laptop, then you better get a "box" to put your most important stuff in. Dropbox is the perfect solution for that. Think of it like going to your recently dumped ex's place and putting all your stuff in a box. You know, your CD's, clothes, lucky hat, and rubber duckie you left in her tub. Dropbox is the digital equivilent. Go to your laptop, install the free (2GB) download, and start filling it up with things you need to access on your iPad. Then, go to the iTunes store and download the free iPad Dropbox app. Now, all that stuff (files, documents, photos, etc.) will be available to you on your iPad, or any other computer or device you've installed dropbox. You can even access it through Dropbox's website from any computer in the world with internet access. If you want to avoid those awkward revisits to your laptop to get more stuff later, you can upgrade to Dropbox Pro 50 with 50GB for $9.99 per month, or Pro 100 with 100GB for $19.99 per month. But, the free 2GB account is nice size box to fit most of your important things you don't want your laptop throwing away out of spite!