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Best iPad Apps To Manage Your Finances

Staying on top of your financial goals can almost be a job in itself. Between checking, savings, loans, retirements, and investment accounts, it’s easy to lose track and fall behind. The iPad can be an excellent tool in handling all aspects of your finances from a single convenient location. Whether it’s paying down credit card debt, managing your portfolio, or filing taxes, the App Store is stocked with apps that can handle it all. Say goodbye to the piles of paper bills and take a hold of your financial future right from your iPad. Personal Finance

FREE's suite of iOS apps is a perfect example of how mobile apps can compliment an already great online service. Even though the app is free, it doesn't skimp on functionality. Users can import their settings from an existing account, or start fresh right from their iPad. The app aggregates activity across all of the imported accounts, and delivers it in a single, easy to understand interface. Budget and reporting tools then allow users to keep a firm grasp on their finances, even while on the go. Concerned about security issues? Don't worry, is secure and safe to use with the option for passcode and PIN protection. Your account will be synced across all of your devices and on the web at

Chase Mobile

by JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Chase Mobile set the standard for mobile banking with the innovative and unique features provided in their iOS app. Beyond secure login and statement balances, Chase Mobile lets Chase customers deposit checks, pay bills, and send money to contacts using Person-to-Person quick pay. The app also seems to be maintained and updated quite frequently, making it one of the most reliable financial apps we've seen thus far.

Pageonce – Money & Bills

by Pageonce, Inc

Another great overall money management platform for iOS is Pageonce, available for both iPhone and iPad. Although convenient on the iPhone, Pageonce's capabilities really shine on the iPad. Given the additional screen space, Pageonce uses this as an opportunity to give the user a clear and concise overview of their cash inflows and outflows. Based on these numbers, the user can then build budget and savings plans supported by reminders to help stay on track. The ease and simplicity of Pageonce is what truly makes it powerful.

powerOne Finance Calculator - Pro Edition

by Infinity Softworks

PowerOne Finance Calculator combines the flexibility of having multiple calculator templates with the organization of a spreadsheet, making it an indispensable tool in financial management across a variety of industries. The app even allows the user to save calculations, thereby saving them the hassle of recalculating the same equation in the future.

Bills for iPad

by iBear LLC

Bills for iPad is another great tool in helping users be more proactive, and avoid any unwanted charges. The app acts as a smart calendar, which also keeps a running tab of remaining bills to be paid that month. Along with being well-organized and easy to interpret, Bills for iPad is engaging and gives the user a better understanding of the cash outflows ahead.

Budgets for iPad (with Sync)

by iBear LLC

For those users who want to focus purely on budget management, Budgets for iPad is a great, interactive way to help keep spending in check. In its simplest terms, the app shows inflows and aggregates outflows side-by-side to help the user understand what their income-to-debt ratio is at all times. To dive deeper, Budgets for iPad can show categorical spending, create budgets based on financial goals, and even show actual spending versus what was budgeted.

Money for iPad

by iBear LLC

If you’re looking for a more comprehensive financial utility, Money by Jumpsoft is worth considering. The app allows users to view all of their activity across a variety of account types, beyond just checking and savings. The user can then use that information to build reports on category spending, goal completion, and cash-to-debt ratios.

MoneyWiz - Personal Finance for iPad

by SilverWiz

MoneyWiz is another great financial utility for iPad. The app allows the user to set up multiple accounts and view overall activity. Users can also sync to other devices and export financial reports to either .csv or .pdf in order to back up the digital information with hard copies.

Personal Capital Banking and Investing

by Personal Capital Corporation

Rather than presenting financial information in the “statement” like most of the other apps listed do, Personal Capital touts a “holistic” approach to presenting the health of the user’s financials. Instead of being laid out by account, the main dashboard of the app is organized by the user’s overall net worth, cash, investment balances, and market movers. If you need more direction than information, Personal Capital will put you in touch with one of their Registered Investment Advisors, no membership needed.

TurboTax 2012

by Intuit Inc.

TurboTax has successfully ported their desktop tax services application into an equally powerful iOS app. Don't let the smaller screen fool you, you can expect the same level of detail and guidance as one would find in the original version. Each tax preparation file is password protected and automatically updated upon every login. As the app walks you through each step of the preparation process, it offers helpful tips for increasing the return. TurboTax even allows you to submit your return from your iPad online for the same price as many of their other products.

Wikinvest Portfolio HD

by Wikinvest

For a quick and comprehensive way to track portfolio performance on the go, look no further than Wikinvest Portfolio HD. To get started, users set up new investment accounts or link existing brokerage accounts into the app for tracking. From there, Wikinvest Portfolio HD gives users a variety of tools to analyze portfolio performance from in-depth views on movers to major index comparison. You can trust that you’re getting up to date information with Wikinvest’s automatic and secure nightly data imports.