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Best iPhone Apps To Put You In The Christmas Spirit

The Christmas season is one of the busiest holidays of the year. Stresses can run high when you are shopping, driving in snow and busy traffic, wrapping presents, cooking, and visiting loved ones. Has this busy hustle and bustle left you feeling a bit like the grinch? It's time to get into the Christmas spirit and put some pep back in your step. We have gone through the App Store and chosen some apps to put a smile on your face, so grab your iPhone and peruse this jolly AppList.

Elf Dance by JibJab - Starring You! Cast Yourself & Friends as Dancing Elves for the Holidays

by JibJab Media Inc.

When the holiday season has left you feeling a bit stressed, one great way to get relief is with laughter. Elf Dance lets you turn your camera roll pictures or Facebook page photos into up to five hilarious dancing elves. Once you have chosen your subjects and added them into your "cast of elves," it will play a silly movie. You are even able to make your Elf Dance into an eCard. Share your creation with others via email or Facebook. This app is universal, so it will work on your other iDevices as well.

Bogga Christmas Tree

by Boggatap

After making fun photos and videos, how about decorating a tree? Bogga Christmas Tree is a universal app that is suitable for you and your children. Decking out a virtual tree is perfect for this busy time of year because you'll have no messes to clean up afterwards. Choose from lots of different ornaments, colors, garlands, and other varied decorations. Change backgrounds, listen to the app's radio, or take a picture that will transform into a Christmas snowglobe.

SomaFM Holiday Radio

by SomaFM

Further boost your jolly mood with SomaFM Holiday Radio. This app is commercial-free, providing you with holiday music in high and low bandwidth. There are three different channels with plenty of tracks, and one of the channels is kid-friendly. Listening to holiday tunes is a great way to chase away the blues, inviting the Christmas spirit into your home and heart.


by shopkick

Shopping is an important part of Christmas, so we cannot leave that out. Although you get wonderful feelings after buying thoughtful gifts for others, it does not always leave us feeling too happy after our wallets are empty. Universal app shopkick allows you to treat yourself, putting that smile back on your face. Simply go into a participating store, such as Target or Best Buy, and scan items. You'll get rewarded with "kicks," or points, just for scanning them. Your "kicks" will add up to earn you free items of all kinds. Tons of discounts and deals can be found within this app, so leave your coupons at home and just take your iPhone.

Yummly : Recipes & Grocery Shopping List

by Yummly

All of that shopping has probably made you hungry. Yummly is the perfect app to help. This app puts over one thousand recipes at your fingertips. You are able to search all types of recipe sites, find recommendations based on what you like to eat or are looking for to make, and you can even create your own digital recipe box. Yummly will cut down on the stress of finding those cookie recipes that you love to bake on holidays. Just thinking about cookies baking will give you a warm, cozy feeling. This gorgeous app is the perfect helper to have on your iPhone this Christmas, or any day.

Holiday Fireplace

by Brandon Smith

After you've found some great recipes, kick up your feet and warm up with Holiday Fireplace. Not everyone has a real fireplace in their home, but this app will make you feel like you do. The HD fireplace is gorgeous and relaxing to look at. This app also includes eight well known and jolly Christmas songs. Even better, you can stream the full HD fireplace and music right to your TV using Airplay. Holiday Fireplace is great for entertaining family, friends, or just you and your loved one.

Mixologistâ„¢ Drink & Cocktail Recipes

by Cocktail Recipes LLC

Now that you are probably feeling more cheery in general, why not have some drinks? You have a full belly and are sitting by your "fireplace." Mixologist contains over 8,000 drink recipes, and one of them is sure to set the mood for you or your guests. Choose from one of the many drinks and cocktail recipes to relax and unwind from your long day or week. If you would prefer not to make drinks, Mixologist has a bar and liquor store locator. There are also non-alcoholic drinks for those who do not want alcohol (or are under 21 years of age), so there is a little something for everyone.

Appygraph eCards: Personalized Digital Greeting Cards and Birthday Calendar

by des p'tits bonheurs

It wouldn't be Christmas without sending Christmas cards. Many people choose to send eCards and greetings more than traditional cards via snail mail these days. Appygraph is the perfect app to help you send beautiful eCards while saving paper, money, and time. There are over one hundred designs and tons of free cards available. It will only take you a couple of minutes to send gorgeous, personalized eCards via email or text. There is also a newer option to send via AirDrop, Twitter, and Flickr. We hope that you have fun with these apps and are feeling the Christmas spirit. From all of us here at AppAdvice, have a very Merry Christmas!