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SAT Preparation Apps for the iPad

The SAT is an extremely important and stressful test that most of us must take. Trying to figure out the best way to prepare can just add to that stress. There are literally thousands of books and tutors who offer services to those taking the exam. Although those options are a great way to study, they can be expensive and sometimes ineffective. Luckily, these apps can be a fantastic supplement to your studies.

SAT Connect for iPad

by Watermelon Express

SAT Connect is a fantastic jack-of-all-trades app. It comes loaded with features such as vocabulary review, practice tests, practice questions and even a progress report to tell you how you are doing. Interestingly, SAT Connect contains a neat feature called study groups which allows you to see local study events happening in your city. You can even create new sessions and invite friends to join you. The app covers all topics on the SAT exam and in many ways feels almost like an SAT study book that was reinvented for the iPad era. Although SAT Connect seems pricey, it actually isn’t for what it is offering. Often books with this amount of material would cost triple the amount. Overall, SAT Connect is a fantastic tool to help you prepare for the SAT.

SAT Prep Pro - Over 200 Practice Questions with INSTANT Lessons

by Easel

SAT Prep Pro is a must-have app for anyone taking the SAT. Essentially it is a bunch of practice tests. But what makes it special is how it presents the solutions to you. It shows you a video overlay of the question which shows someone talking about how to solve it as well as writing his work down as he says it. It truly brings out the advantage of studying from an iPad rather than a regular book. Overall, SAT Prep Pro is highly recommended. If you are taking the SAT, grab this app, you will not be disappointed.

SAT Math Testbank

by Testbank

One subject that many students have trouble with is Math. SAT Math Testbank gives you tons of sample Math questions on topics that may appear on the SAT. Like the other Testbank apps, it is not pretty looking, but it gets the job done in the topic that you need the most help in. This app will give you quizzes and practice questions with explained solutions to help you prepare for test day.

SAT® and ACT® Vocabulary Builder by AccelaStudy®

by Renkara Media Group, Inc.

SAT and ACT Vocabulary Builder is a great way to boost your vocabulary skills in time for the big test. What it essentially does is use a flashcard approach to quiz you on a variety of words. However, it goes the extra yard by focusing more on words that you don’t know rather than ones that you have already mastered. The words can also be read to you and put in a sentence for easy identification. If you're a student that typically struggles with vocabulary then you may want to try this app. The SAT tends to use vocabulary in a variety of ways and it is often crucial to know as many words as possible. This app a good buy for anyone taking the SAT.

SAT Sentence Completion Testbank

by Testbank

Like vocabulary, learning how to complete sentences on the SAT requires pure practice to master. SAT Sentence Completion Testbank gives you that practice in a simple interface. All it does is give you examples of questions and explains the answers if you answer incorrectly. This is a great resource to help you extra practice for the sentence completion portion of the SAT.

SAT Grammar Writing Testbank

by Testbank

Like the other Testbank solutions listed here, this app provides you with sample questions and quizzes with solutions. SAT Grammar Writing Testbank, like its cousin apps, has a very simple interface that can be described as a bit ugly but ultimately provides you with what you need. If you struggle with grammar then check out this app for some excellent help with that part of the SAT.