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World Cup Apps For Soccer Fans

In Brazil, home to a deep rooted soccer (known around the world as football) culture, the stage is set for the world's greatest soccer tournament. Teams from all over the seven continents compete for that coveted prize, the World Cup. From the group stage and knockout round through to the finals, you can use your device to keep up with everything this glorious tournament has to offer.

Brazil Live 2014

by Sportsmate Mobile Pty LTD

The absolute best app for scores, news, and updates is the Brazil Live 2014 app by Sportsmate. It has the easiest interface of all the apps for the World Cup. Key features include tables, videos, and chat discussions regarding the World Cup. It has everything you’ll need to know to be right there with the tournament. This app is highly recommended.



FIFA (International Federation of Association Football) is the governing body of soccer for the entire world, and they certainly put their hat in the ring for this World Cup. The app is comprehensive for all things soccer. The app’s shortcoming is an awkward user interface. However, the wide variety of features, even outside of the World Cup, make this an absolute necessity for soccer nuts.

Touch Football with Zlatan Ibrahimovic

by ooblada

Warning, this game will get you addicted! This soccer game consists of your own five man squad. You earn your way to buy better players. Soon, you can unlock new game modes, including tournaments where you play as a full World Cup team. It might start off easy, but it gets to be a serious challenge. Regardless of difficulty level you play at, this is the most fun iPhone game for soccer.


by Electronic Arts

The FIFA sports game is the biggest soccer game for iOS, and it is jam packed with features for players, especially those who play the game on a video game console. For those who don’t, the app plays very well, and is the most realistic gaming experience available on mobile. FIFA comes at us with an overwhelming amount of features to enhance the gaming experience, but this often takes away from the actual playing. The app is also packed to the brim with in-app purchases for ultimate teams, rosters, and more. Those looking for a big soccer game will be satisfied by this one.

Cup Archive Plus: History & Stats

by Bottled Software GmbH

This tournament is the most important in all of soccer. There’s no doubt about that. But where can one find the entire history of the World Cup? The answer would be the app Cup Archive Plus. This app documents all 19 past tournaments, dating back to 1930. It has the top three finishes and their teams' journeys. It also includes information on all of the players, teams, and even red cards in the last 84 years.

Get The Bet - Football Betting Adviser, Brazil 2014 Mundial, World Football Cup

by Synasource P.C.

Aside from games, there are plenty of other things besides soccer to enjoy about the World Cup. One huge tradition is betting, and boy, is it a huge tradition. If you’re interested in going for the gamble, look no further than Get the Bet by Synasource. It’s no Paul the Octopus (an octopus who correctly guessed most of the World Cup results in 2010,) but this app gives you a great chance to one-up your friends and bet correctly on the odds. This app is adaptable to many soccer leagues, but has an option to predict the World Cup.

World Soccer Finals

by ITnext

Another app for World Cup coverage is World Cup finals. One of the more appealing features of this app is a map of the venues and a list of games that are scheduled to play there. This covers the World Cup, but just with not as many features as those mentioned above. Although it gives a more in-depth look at the locations of tournament, it is a more limited app overall.

ESPN FC Soccer & World Cup


Being the world’s biggest and greatest sports company, ESPN was destined to get in on the action for this World Cup. They released ESPN FC, an app that is fairly similar to their ScoreCenter app. It has the same interface, similar features, only it is specialized to soccer. This was worth the mention because ESPN is such a major player in the world of sports.

Player Guess - Futbol Quiz - Cup Brazil 2014

by Dario Lessa

So now you’ve played the games, bet on the odds, and read the news stories, but do you know the most important part of the World Cup, the players? This fun app displays a picture of a player, and you must fill in his name. It’s a fun way to familiarize yourself with the players of the world’s greatest soccer tournament.