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Specialized Calculators

What if you need to make some highly specific calculations? These apps allow you to make calculations on medical issues, mortgages, GPA, alcohol, car payments, sales tax, BMI, and much more. Fill out your calculator folder with the apps in this AppList.

MedCalc (medical calculator)

by Mathias Tschopp & Pascal Pfiffner

MedCalc includes a little under 200 different calculations pertaining to medical things. These include BMI, age, alvarado score, allowable blood loss, bicarbonate deficit, burn area, body surface area, and many more. The app helps you understand the calculations and does a good job explaining its use, too. MedCalc is a nice app at a nice price.

Mortgage Calculator Pro

by SVT Software

Mortgage Calc Pro helps you calculate out your mortgage. Simply enter the data points like the property cost, duration of mortgage, interest rate, and down payments. Instantly, you’ll have your mortgage rate. A very easy and straightforward app to use.

Pocket Retailer - Margin Calculator + 13 Micro-Apps

by Kaelex, Inc.

Pocket Retailer helps you figure out your margins. The math is simple enough, but if you want an even simpler and more custom-built solution, this is the app for that. For $0.99, it is a halfway decent app.

MyGPA Calculator

by GUI Cocoa, LLC.

MyGPA is a simple app that makes figuring out a GPA even easier. Each semester has its own section. This allows the app to show you both your semester GPA as well as your overall GPA over the years. The app makes tracking your GPA a piece of cake. It is a perfect app for any student.

Alkoholrechner iDrinkSmart

by Netwake GmbH Switzerland

Alcohol calculator iDrinkSmart, scientific BAC is a nifty app for those that walk on the wild side. Simply input what and how much you are drinking and the app will tell you when you have gone too far. The interface is easy enough even for drunk people to understand. The warning lights also are clear enough that even when you are under the influence you’ll know to stop. A good app for those that need it.

Date calculator - D-Day

by CultStory Inc.

Date calculator - D-Day is a calculator for how far you are from a certain day. It's a countdown app. Push notifications will even alert you when the special day has arrived. This is a free app and a nice addition to your calc folder.

BuildCalc - Advanced Construction Calculator

by 42nd Parallel

BuildCalc is for the more serious building crowd. Priced at $19.99, it will ward off any amateurs. This is the calculator that builders have dreamed of. There is nothing quite like this app. Every aspect of the app has been highly tuned and optimized for the construction set. A great app if you have a need.

BMI Calculator

by Data Supply

This app does what it says. Simply put, it will calculate your BMI.

Car Payment Calculator

by Left Coast R&D

Car Payment Calculator is a very simple app for calculating the costs involved with owning a car. You can clearly see what your total lease will cost and what your monthly payment will be. There are all sorts of nifty nuggets of info packed into this app. A nice app that may even help you decide if you can afford that new car.