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Peer To Peer Apps

What can you do with your friends using Bluetooth connectivity? We discover some cool possibilities in this AppList.

Attack PRO - Wireless Bluetooth Spaceship Battle

by Poulet Maison Ptd Ltd

What better way to use peer to peer apps than by doing local gaming? A simple little retro arcade game that allows you to take on your opponent over Bluetooth. It only features head-to-head multiplayer, however, so you won't be playing this one by yourself.

iSamurai: Critical Strike!

by Toy Kite Software

While Attack PRO is a fun game, nothing really beats swinging swords. iSamurai allows you to wield your iPhone or iPod touch as you would a sword. You can duel with a friend locally over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Tic-Tac-Touch: FS5 (FREE)

by FlipSide5, Inc.

After getting exhausted by swinging your iPhone around it may be time to sit down and relax to a good game of tic-tac-toe. Peer-to-peer Tic-Tac-Toe over both wifi and bluetooth. The same company, FlipSide5, also makes Touch4 (Connect 4) that works over bluetooth and wifi.

Flight Control

by Firemint Pty Ltd

After battling and competing with your friends spend some time working together. Flight Control is a game where two players can play cooperatively over Bluetooth.

F.A.S.T. -- Fleet Air Superiority Tactics!

by SGN

After being nice to planes it might be fun to blow some up! Full 3D dogfighting using the accelerometer for flight controls. Includes peer to peer Bluetooth support in addition to WiFi. Description does NOT say the peer to peer is compatible with original iPhone or original iPod Touch.


by Hudson

If you want even more co-op action then you'll want to try out Bomberman Touch 2. The game also features versus modes to get you back into the competitive mode.


by Ryo Shimizu

After spending a few hours gaming with your friends it might be fun to shoot some photos. You can then share photos with your friends over Bluetooth using this nifty app.


by Sonik Architects

After snapping some photos it might be fun to start mixing music together. You can link up with friends via Bluetooth and remix music with this app.


by McLean Mobile Solutions, Inc.

When you've been having too much fun your parents may need to make you sit down quietly for a few minutes. Use Bluchat to chat privately - no Internet, WiFi or registration required.

Leaf Trombone: World Stage

by Smule

While mixing is fun, performing is even better. Perform a duet with someone else using peer to peer Bluetooth.

Touch4: FS5

by FlipSide5, Inc.

Before leaving your peers it wouldn't hurt to make time for this classic Connect 4 game. This iPhone incarnation of the classic Connect 4 game already supported multi-player games over WiFi, EDGE or 3G, but with the new 3.0 version you can also play games using only Bluetooth.

beamME pro

by rmbrME

After a fun game of Connect 4 you'll quickly want to beam over contact info using this app.