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Warped Christmas Apps

Here at AppAdvice, we love unusual apps, especially when it comes to twisted holiday apps. If you have a wild streak, are known to feel like a bit of a grinch, and want to get your holiday stresses out, you will love these apps as well. Here is our list of Christmas apps that have a slightly odd bent to them. Cheers!

Santa Splitz

by Evolved Software

Santa Splitz is a new type of puzzler that requires you to touch Christmas presents in order to split them at just the right time, bounce them off other items, and make sure they go down each chimney. The artwork is kitschy, the music is great, and it's very challenging as the levels go up in number. Everything seems innocent enough, right? Wrong. If you mess up enough, Santa's reindeer will get pretty upset. You won't hear them, but you will hear grumbling in their bellies...then the deer make it rein--pun intended--on you. Yes, you read that correctly. Fart jokes make most people laugh no matter what age you are, and this game fits the bill. (It's not overly graphic, so don't worry.) Every time I played it and screwed up, I laughed so hard at the reindeer's revenge. It will cheer you up no matter how much of a bah humbug mood you are in.

A Santa's Racing Adventure: Rescue Christmas from the Angry Grinch and Mutant Snowman with the help of Reindeer, Ernie the Elf and Merry Claus! PRO!

by Brooke Ginty

Santa is on a mission in A Santa's Racing Adventure, but this is no ordinary rescue mission. Santa wants to do what he needs to do every Christmas: deliver presents to good little boys and girls. He can't do that because a very grumpy grinch and a mutated snowman are floating around, determined to stop his deliveries. It's time to crush the bad guys as you ride with Santa, Mrs. Claus, Ernie the Elf, and Simon the Snowman. Fire off rounds of snowballs at that gross grinch and weird mutant snowman. Dodge coal, grab coins and candy canes, and get your presents to the waiting children.

Gingerbread Stickman Shooting Showdown Bow and Arrow Free Christmas Games : Fun Casual Holiday Shooter Callenge

by RoboNacho Systems, LLC

If you like twisted games, Gingerbread Stickman Shooting Showdown fits the bill. This puts a spin on the original type of stickman shooting game. The goal is to shoot the gingerbread cookie off of the stickman's head. If you do not aim correctly, you'll hit the stickman. When you hit the stickman, you will hear his screams and other holiday sounds. There may be a little bit of blood. Seriously though, try and hit as many gingerbread men as you are able. When you're stressed, aim for the stickman. How can you get much more twisted than that?

OvenBreak Infinity

by Devsisters

While we're on the topic of gingerbread men, I thought I would put one of my favorite games here, OvenBreak Infinity. You play as one tough little gingerbread man named Ginger Brave. Ginger Brave is running for his life and his freedom. Jump over fiery pits, slide under treacherous obstacles, use your candy cane hook to grab onto anything above that you can hang on to, and grab jelly beans along the way. This game is pure fun with slightly evil-looking props in the background, but is safe to play no matter what age you are.

Christmas Hangman Deluxe

by Ahead Solutions

Do you need to kill a little time? A game of hangman would be perfect. Christmas Hangman Deluxe provides you with letters to spell Christmas themed words. You get five lifelines to help you guess the words given by a very evil executioner. Use them wisely, or the holiday character that is hanging will end up crumpled in pieces on the ground. There are three levels that go up in difficulty. Killing time has never been so fun.

Super Mega Worm Vs Santa 2

by Deceased Pixel LLC

You have dealt with reindeer's upset stomachs, mutant snowmen, unusual gingerbread men, and hanging Christmas characters. If those aren't warped enough for you, it's time for Super Mega Worm Vs Santa 2, the sequel to the hit Mega Worm Vs Santa. You play as a very big, very hungry worm named Mega Worm who has decided to wage war on the North Pole. Super Mega Worm Vs Santa 2 takes place right in Santa's toy factory. Eat elves, gingerbread men, penguins, and Santa himself. Jump, crawl, and crush everything in your way in an attempt to save Mother Earth in 15 amazing levels. Can you beat Santa in the final battle and become the unstoppable force that is Super Mega Worm?

Office Jerk Holiday Edition

by Fluik

If you are still having a hard time escaping from the hectic time that surrounds Christmas, play Office Jerk Holiday Edition. Throw candy canes, ornaments, walnuts, and other holiday trinkets at the annoying Office Jerk. There are challenges that will unlock new items to pummel him with, Advent Challenges, a Greedy Elf, and some odd games such as "Dance Santa Dance!" Hint: you will make the Office Jerk insanely mad if you hit the remote to change channels.

Hungry Santa

by TegTap, LLC

Alert Mrs. Claus: fat old Santa is on a diet. Donuts, candy canes and broccoli will fall from the sky as a starving Santa blankly stares upwards in starvation. Get the broccoli in his mouth, and he just may throw up a donut. Help him eat up sweets in order to help him grow rounder and stronger. After all, who wants a skinny Santa?

AngrySanta Free

by Nolasoft

It's not easy being jolly. AngrySanta Free will let you see what Santa is like the other 364 days of the year. Spreading cheer for years and years can really harden a man's heart and soul. Tap him just to see how “cheerful” he can really be. Make him angry too often, and you will end up on the naughty list this Christmas.