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Websites With Great iPad Apps

Many webpages have created iPad apps to optimally access their sites. This AppList will sort through and find the very best of the website-based apps for the iPad.



The AppAdvice app provides the best way to access our website on your iPad. The iPad app gives you access to all of the latest news, AppGuides, and AppLists. The app is optimized to run great in both portrait and landscape modes. The app provides something the website currently does not offer … AppGuide and AppList filtering. If you touch the top left corner you can switch between “all”, “iPhone focused”, or “iPad focused.” This will make it simple to find the information you need. The AppAdvice app is the very best way to access

Mashable! for iPad

by Mashable

The Mashable iPad app provides a great way to catch up on all the latest blog postings from Mashable. The app provides quick access to the different areas of their site including: Social Media, Social Good, Mobile, Web Video, Entertainment, Business, Startups, Tech, Dev and Design, Apple, Trending, Lists, How To, Twitter Guidebook, Facebook Guidebook, Announcements, and the Twitter List Directory. The app includes tons of sharing options including Twitter, Facebook, Instapaper, Delicious, Google Reader, Pinboard, Tumblr, and Read It Later. The articles in the app have been optimized for the iPad and the app runs great in both landscape and portrait mode.

Engadget for iPad

by AOL Inc.

Engadget now has an iPad app. The app launches with a splash-screen where you select Engadget “Classsic”, Engadget Mobile, Engadget HD, or Alternative Engadget. The app runs in both landscape and portrait mode. Running the app in portrait mode will offer additional information, but take away focus from the articles. The app allows access to the entire site through small tabs at the bottom which include: photos, videos saved, topics, archives, settings, and podcasts. The podcast popup allows you to stream the latest Engadget podcasts. When reading blog posts you are able to adjust the text size, share articles, save articles, view comments and quickly select the next article. The Engadget app is the best way to view Engadget on your iPad.


by Twitter, Inc.

Twitter is both a website and a service. There are tons of different apps that integrate into the website. The official Twitter app for the iPad brings the experience of the new website over to you on your iPad. The app lets you push windows on and off screen while links load. The app is a break-through in design and the best way to access Twitter on your iPad.

Friendly Plus for Facebook

by Oecoway Inc.

Friendly Plus is the unofficial app for Facebook on the iPad. There are a few different apps that allow you to access Facebook on your iPad. Friendly Plus is a great option. The app has a great user interface and includes a ton of great features. These include password protection, photo uploading, chat access, multiple account support, full screen photo browsing, and removal of Facebook ads. The app provides a wonderful way to stay up to date with what everyone is doing on Facebook.

eBay for iPad

by eBay Inc.

The eBay app lets you access eBay on the iPad in a very elegant and fast way. The app launches showing you two customizable sets of items. These can setup to show: the daily deal, gifts and gadgets, home and garden, for him, for her, for kids, watches, under $10, jewelry, your active bids, your watch list, items won, items not won, and various selling views. The app has tight integration with PayPal allowing you to pay for items right within the app. The app has great filtering options, which allow you to find the items you are looking for quickly. If you are an eBay user, then you should grab the eBay app today.

Amazon Mobile

by AMZN Mobile LLC

Amazon has made it very easy to buy things directly from your iPad. The app will launch showing you some recommendations, the deal of the day, and some popular searches. The app provides fast access to your cart and all of your other account info. Product pages are done in a very creative way. Each product page has these virtual papers that you push up to view and slide back down to view other info. The interface is very intuitive and natural. The Amazon app is an essential for every online shopper.

Target for iPad

by Target

The Target app is one of the coolest shopping based apps for the iPad. The opening screen lets you find stores nearby, check out the weekly ad, build lists, and view the latest deal of the week. The front page even has the Target dog. The app lets you change the background between six different “flooring” options. The app also includes tools to manage your Target account. If you are a Target fan, then this is a must have.

Jimmy John's Gourmet Sandwiches

by Jimmy John's Gourmet Sandwiches

The Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwich app allows you to order food for delivery or pickup very quickly. The app also lets you check out the menu and find information about Jimmy Johns. The app also remembers your last order. This lets you quickly order the same food as last time. The app is well built and a great addition to any hungry iPad owner’s iPad.

SiriusXM Internet Radio

by SIRIUS XM Radio Inc

If you're already a Sirius/XM satellite radio online subscriber, you'll definitely want to download this free app. Know that if you're not already a subscriber, you'll need to subscribe first in order to listen. Subscription prices vary depending on which package you get. Just like the website, you can listen to your favorite Sirius/XM stations in this app. Recent updates have brought two major changes. First of all, for a long time, this universal app was only optimized for iPhone; now it is beautifully optimized for iPad as well. Secondly, when Howard Stern re-signed his contract with Sirius at the end of 2010, part of the deal was that the show be available within the app.

IMDb Movies & TV

by IMDb

This free, universal app is a must for all movie, tv, and celebrity fans. The website has been popular for many years. The iPad version has great UI and is chock full of movie trailers, movie showtimes, lists of top movies, movie news, tv highlights, tv recaps, tv news, celebrity news, celebrity birthdays, and lots more. And of course, you'll find the "Db" in IMDb, the famous database that allows you to look up any actor for a bio and resume of every tv or film they've been in. Or, look up any movie or tv show for a synopsis and complete cast list.

ABC Player

by ABC Digital

I really don't know what is taking the other networks so long to jump on board here, but ABC leads the way with this awesome app. Just like the website, you can stream your favorite tv shows in this free app. Just make sure you have a good Wi-fi connection (or 3G if you're not worried about using up your data) and watch full episodes of over 30 different ABC shows such as The Bachelor, General Hospital, Dancing With The Stars, Castle, Cougar Town, Jimmy Kimmel LIve, Wipeout, 20/20, Modern Family, and many more. Generally, only the last handful of episodes are available for viewing, so don't expect to watch an entire season here. But it's great for those times your DVR failed you, or you simply missed a show you wanted to watch.

Pandora Radio

by Pandora Media, Inc.

Just in case there is still anyone who doesn't already have Pandora on every iDevice, well, just download it. Pandora is totally free to download and use (the ad-supported version) and universal. Just like the website and the iPhone version, the iPad version lets you create your very own customized radio stations based on your tastes and moods. Give each song a thumbs-up or thumbs-down so Pandora can learn your tastes even better. In the iPad version, you can see a complete listing of all the stations you've created, as well as cover art and details (as available) for each song/album as it plays.