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KUKE iPhone case offers battery power and digital storage

It’s much more than just a case
Credit: Kuner
April 4, 2016

KUKE is an all-in-one solution for your iPhone. It is an attractive, protective battery case with an unusual added feature: up to 64GB of storage.

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The Facts

The Facts

The Facts
KUKE iPhone case
$79 (16GB) or $129 (64GB)
iPhone 6/6s or 6/6s Plus
White, Black
April 2, 2016
What I liked

What I liked

KUKE What I liked

KUKE is aesthetically pleasing with its low profile, which is much smaller than its battery case competitors. While it does add extra weight, as you would expect, it adds very little thickness, height, or width to your iPhone. For example, the KUKE is 11mm thick, while the Mophie case is 16.8mm, and Apple’s battery case is 14.79mm. This case is easy to take on and off due to its rubbery edges. With precise cutouts for all of the buttons, ports, and the camera, your iPhone is fully functional inside the case. I tested the KUKE on my iPhone 6s, and I got even more battery power than Kuner claimed: I got a 72 percent power boost.

I received the 16GB case for review, which can hold up to 8,000 photos, 420 minutes of video, or 4,500 songs. The 64GB case can hold four times that. I didn’t test it to its full limits, but I did download the KUKE app and store a few items in the case. The handy app not only shows you what’s on the KUKE, but it also gives you the case’s current battery level. Approximate battery level is indicated by four lights on the back of the case.

What I didn't like

What I didn't like

What I didn't like

KUKE is smooth and shiny, which makes it a bit slippery to hold. One would hope that the case’s impact protection would keep your iPhone from damage in the event of fall, but I wouldn’t want to test it out.

For some reason, the top part of the case is almost entirely cut out. There are no buttons or ports on top of the current model iPhones, so I can’t figure out why that would be open, leaving both top corners exposed. I have dropped my iPhone without a case on it and damaged one of those very corners, so I know that part of the phone is vulnerable.

Bottom line

Bottom line

Bottom line

KUKE is a robust solution for someone who needs a protective case, extra battery power, and additional storage. After a successful Indiegogo campaign, KUKE is available for pre-sale on their website now, shipping later this month. For $79, you get 16GB of storage; for $129 you get 64GB. The price is the same for the iPhone 6/6s and the iPhone 6/6s Plus.

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