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Stream NFL Games

Anyone Can Soon Stream NFL Games on Mobile in the US

Sports Center
December 11, 2017

Anyone with a mobile device in the United States will be able to stream NFL games beginning in January thanks to a new contract between Verizon and the football league. In a huge change, you no longer have to be a Verizon subscriber to use the service, according to Recode.

Verizon’s new contract with the NFL is worth $1.5 billion, or 20 percent more than the previous contract. For that, the No. 1 carrier in the United States will be able to stream games on a variety of Verizon-owned properties, including Yahoo, AOL, Go90, and Complex to any phone or tablet in the United States.

As Recode explains:

As before, Verizon won’t stream every NFL game throughout the season: It will stream evening games on Sunday, Monday and Thursday nights, along with the games local TV affiliates carry … All of the games will be free, regardless of which carrier you have.

The new contract should be in place during next month’s NFL playoffs. As Recode concludes:

… People who do like watching the football games on their phones will see an upside soon: Verizon and the NFL say they’ll have the expanded streaming deal in place at some point in January, and at the latest in time for the championship playoff games January 21.

Given the many controversies surrounding the NFL this season, this new deal looks alike a good one for the league, don’t you think?