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Samuel L. Lytle

As well as writing reviews for iPad applications, Samuel also writes novels, blogs and letters to his mom. Okay, honestly he has only written one novel, one blog and he texts his mom. Learn more at or email [email protected]
Latest from Samuel L.

Smart Alarm Pro Offers Many Features Without Overwhelming You

Adding features seems to be the trend for alarm clock apps these days. So how can you have a ton of features but still keep a simple feel? Smart Alarm Pro attempts to answer that question.

Scrollendar Is A Minimalistic Calendar With Afterburners

As far as calendar apps go, Scrollendar might be the fastest. The other comparable categories is where this calendar struggles.

CloudAlbums Is Yet Another Solid Option For Sharing Pictures In Bulk

If you like Dropbox but need more options for sharing your pictures, CloudAlbums may be able to assist you. Sharing via the app, email or even individually created webpages is a snap, but do you really need those features these days?

Dragontape Will Make Your Party Better By Working Like A Cassette Mixtape

If you are looking to make a quick mixtape for a party or other occasion, Dragontape has a smooth interface and deep social integration, and it is free. But is there much more than that?

MyStream Lets You Share The Music, Not The Headphones

MyStream is the latest attempt at over-the-air streaming of music with friends. But can it truly be unlimited streaming?

After Cam Gives You The Better Blur

Wouldn't it be great if motion could be captured in a single image? After Image Cam is the latest attempt at this tricky effect, but does it even work?

Sleep Tracker Will Help You Track Your Zzzz's

There are some incredible sleep apps available to improve your night's rest but few go as in depth with the analysis as Sleep Tracker.

Calc Pro Claims To Be The Top Mobile Calculator Because It Is

There are a ton of specialized calculator applications in the App Store. You probably even have a several on your iPhone. Why not eliminate a few with this amazing app?

New aaSiege Is First Alphabetically, If Nothing Else

Ports of classic games to iOS have reinvigorated interest in many older platforms. Click through to see if aaSiege invigorates anything.

VideoBot Puts All Your Clips In The Right Spot

VideoBot will organize all of your videos, but even though it does its job perfectly, do you even need it?

ScoreMyDay Is A Life Tracker For The Statistic Fanatic

Life tracking involves using stats to make your life better. ScoreMyDay offers many options to help you with this, but because of a few missing features, it falls short.

Capture The World Around You With Dermandar

Dermandar is a no-nonsense panorama app that may just open your eyes to a whole new world. But, how does it compare with other apps of this genre?

Calling from iOS To Android? Live Streaming? Photo Booth Like Effects? Qik Video Has You Covered

Qik Video is now the property of Skype Software and offers a surprising bundle of features including cross platform video calling. But, are these features enough to replace your other favorite video chat apps?

Breathe Easy Interrogators, Interview Assistant Is Here For You

Apps designed for conducting interviews aren't new, but Interview Assistant presents a beautiful package that stands up nicely against some of the older competition.

Become A Pool Of Red Pixels In Pixel City Skater

Endless running games are becoming more popular every day. Pixel City Skater swaps running with skating, but is essentially a watered down version of more popular titles like Canabalt.

Old Meets New With Pocket Slide Rule Expert

Before calculators could solve arithmetic problems instantly, people had to use something called a slide rule. Now you can not only have a slide rule in your pocket, you can learn how to use it as well.

Hockey Fight Pro Takes the Hockey Out of Hockey

Don't download Hockey Fight Pro with the anticipation of actually playing hockey. Rather you will find a surprisingly full-fledged, match based fighting game with style and swagger.

New iCard Pro Can Help You Make That Perfect Mother's Day Card

The iCard Pro app can help you create that perfect card for any special occasion. There are a ton of features, but is the user experience more important?

Are You Up For Going Down?

With a deep storyline, tons of levels, game modes, features, a great soundtrack and graphics, you would think Going Down is one of the top games available. Is a finely detailed painting beautiful just because it is a complete picture?

Movie Looks Wants To Help Turn Your Home Video Into A Blockbuster

Movie Looks can do some nice things to otherwise basic video clips through artistic filters. But are the features worth the price and in-app purchases?

Convince Me That Ratatap Isn't The Best Drum App Available

There are dozens of great drum and percussion apps in the App Store. Could Ratatap possibly be the best this late in the game?

Race After 1977 Is A Wild, Fun, Radioactive Ride

Retro and grunge racers have been around for a while, but few have married the two in a satisfactory manner. Race After 1977 is a valiant effort, but can it keep up with the competition?

Noir Gives Amateur Photographers Another Reason To Think They Are Pros

There are a slew of apps that will make your pictures prettier. Noir Photo is pretty impressive but can it compete with the rest at a higher price?

Bring The Battlefield To Your Backyard With Pocket Jets

Pocket Jets makes beautiful use of the iPhone 4's camera and gyroscope to create a truly immersive experience. Other than a few minor things, it's hard to find something not to like in this exciting augmented reality game.