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iOS Advice

How can I clear my iPhone's memory without rebooting?

If your iOS device is misbehaving, this trick will free up memory without needing to reboot.

Alternatives to Mailbox: what to look for

With Mailbox shutting down, what are the best email app alternatives on the App Store?

5 apps to help keep the holidays memorable

Save yourself headaches while keeping the holidays memorable with these 5 great apps.

Hide your apps inside an invisible folder with this hack

This cool trick will help you keep eyes off those apps you don't want others to know you have.

Popular screen brightness app f.lux is now available for iOS

If you want your iOS screen to adapt to changing daylight conditions, there's a way to make that happen.

Keep an eye on your iOS 9 mobile data if you have poor Wi-Fi

A hidden feature in iOS 9 is helpful, but it could cost you a lot of money.

Instagram is even better with these 7 apps

Instagram's iOS app is decent enough, but there are a handful of shortcomings. Fortunately for iPhoneographers, the App Store is here to help.

Stop texting photos and videos - there is a better way to share

Apple's iCloud Photo Sharing is the service you should be using when it comes to sending pictures or videos to family and friends.

How to create custom vibrations on your iPhone

Custom vibration patterns are easy to create on your iPhone. Here's how you can set them up for yourself.

The 10 best widgets for your iPhone Notification Center

Take a look at the best widgets to make the most of your iPhone's Today View.

The 5 best iPhone apps for foodies

These apps for foodies are must-haves for your iPhone or iPad.

The 7 best outdoors apps for your iPhone

Make your outdoor experience more fun and safe with these essential apps.

The 5 best games worth checking out

If you want to find a new game that's off the beaten path, check out these five awesome but somewhat unknown games.

The 5 best cooking apps for your iPhone

To make the most of your kitchen time, here are five apps that no home chef should be without.

The 7 best iPhone widgets you should be using

It's great that you can use widgets in the Notification Center, but which widgets are the best to have?

Three easy ways to send and receive money using your iPhone

Need to send money to someone or get a loan from them? Check out these apps!

Account overload: tips to move toward organizing your user names and passwords

Have too many passwords? Here's where to start with account login and password management.

Hidden iPhone storage hogs: a quick guide to managing IM apps

Beware of hidden space hogs on your phone. Manage those instant messaging apps by managing storage settings and more.

Citymaps brings the tourist map experience and more to your iPhone

Citymaps is going global, letting you make and view maps that are more about sharing memories than getting from point A to point B.

4 easy tricks to get going again when things don't work on your iPhone or iPad

Four easy tricks to get things going when your iPhone gets buggy.

Slingbox is a good alternative to cord cutting with no sacrifice in viewing choices

Ready to cut the cord? SlingPlayer is here with HD viewing and on demand live streaming.

Looksee reinvents itself with better photo editing and more filter packs

Looksee has been reinvented with new filter packs and improved photo editing tools.

New Web app Makeovr lets you customize your Home screen

If you've wanted to put blank spaces on your Home screen, but didn't want to jailbreak, Makeovr has come to your rescue.

Fever lets you tap and hold to turn up the heat

To add more fuel to the fire of the social dating scene, the new Fever app lets people tap and hold to make connections.