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action games

Get off the couch with these movement games for Apple TV

Get ready to move with the best games for Apple TV that get you off the couch.

Top 10 games on Apple TV

Playing games on the Apple TV is a ton of fun and today we are showing off our top 10 favorites.

Can you survive the beautiful world of Badland 2?

Badland 2 is the surprise sequel of the year.

Fight to the beat in I Wanna Be A Hero, a fresh roguelike

I Wanna Be A Hero is the closest you'll get to Crypt of the NecroDancer on iOS at the moment.

Carefully place your defenses for survival in Chrono Space

This action-packed science fiction game challenges you to carefully defend your outpost.

Save the villagers from the forces of darkness in Sword of Xolan, a retro action platformer

Do you have what it takes to wield the Sword of Xolan? Put your platformer skills to the test in this awesome new game.

See how long you can survive in the dungeons of Tallowmere, a challenging roguelike platformer

Tallowmere, an action platformer roguelike originally on Steam, is now available on mobile. Is it worth checking out? Find out in our review.

You are mankind's last hope in Implosion, a challenging sci-fi action game with mechas

Implosion - Never Lose Hope is one of the best action games you can get on iOS right now.

Swipe, slash, and become a legend in Stormblades, the new sword-fighting game from Kiloo

Need to fill that void left by Infinity Blade? Stormblades could do the trick.

Now you can invade Earth as the Human Crasher, an action-packed arcade game

This addictive arcade game lets you play the role of the alien and invade Earth.

Entwined unites with iOS in Entwined Challenge, a gorgeous action reflex game

Guide the fish and bird souls on their path to evolution in this beautiful new action reflex game from Sony.

How will you fare as a top-secret spy in Revolution 60?

Have you ever wanted to live the secret spy life? Recapture the top-secret weapons platform, N313.

Mighty Adventure is your next essential platformer game

Can your little monster plunder the depths of the colorful jungle?

Blast To Infinity And Beyond In TERM1NUS

How far can you blast through spacetime in Term1nus?

Put Your Platformer Skills To The Test In The Brutally Challenging Callys Caves 2

Are your platformer skills as good as you think? Put them to the test in Callys Caves 2.

Fight For Your Country In World Of Tanks Blitz

Have you ever had to take down a tank? How about seven? Fight for your life and your country in this impressive app.

Plunder The Galaxies For Epic Loot As A Space Pirate In PlunderNauts For iOS

Are you good enough to be the top space pirate in the galaxy?

Order Up!! Fast Food Will Have You Coming Back For Seconds

Order Up!! Fast Food is a fast-paced puzzle game that is as delicious as it is fun.

How Many Spaceships Can You Land Safely In Moon Control?

Land as many spaceships as possible without miscalculating and crashing.

It's Time To Fight For Mutant And Human Kind In Uncanny X-Men: Days Of Future Past

The official tie-in mobile game of "X-Men: Days of Future Past" has been launched on iOS.

This 8-Bit Sky Survival Island Game Is A Throwback To First Person Shooters

Fight to be the last one on Sky Survival Island in this fun, 8-bit app.

Fight To The Death For Rome's Glory In Glorious Maximus

Do you have what it takes to be Rome's most powerful gladiator?