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Apple helps us celebrate Leap Day with 5 free apps

In honor of Leap Day, these five apps are free for a limited time on the App Store.

On Leap Day, celebrate with these 29 awesome apps and games

Celebrate Leap Day with these apps and games.

Dictation support is an excellent new feature on Apple TV

This new feature will make searching for content even easier.

Apple enables lower price tiers for the App Store in Canada and New Zealand

The enabling of the alternate price tiers follows a recent hike in the prices of apps in those countries.

Oh iTunes, why have you forsaken the Apple TV?

As great as the new Apple TV is, discovering content for it is still a chore.

Apple to open first iOS App Development Center in Europe

The first European iOS App Development Center will be located at Apple's partner institution in Naples, Italy.

The App Store in China continues to record strong growth

As Apple continues to make a huge push in the country on the hardware front, users are snapping up apps.

What’s wrong with Apple’s Touch ID?

As beautiful as iOS is, some things just don't make any sense.

Apple pulled in around $6.4 billion in revenue from the App Store in 2015

That’s after Apple distributes 70 percent of the revenue to app developers.

Apple announces record-breaking $1.1 billion holiday season App Store sales

This past Christmas saw the App Store break it's best-day record not once, but twice.

And the top app of 2015 is ... Facebook, again

Facebook Messenger, however, was the fastest growing application among U.S. smartphone users.

Apple's annoying popup ads prompt iPhone 6s upgrades

Apple has taken a new, aggressive approach to encouraging upgrades to its latest handset.

The Apple TV's App Store is bursting at the seams with growth

There are more than 2,600 apps available for your Apple TV, and guess what almost half of them are?

Here they are: Apple's pick of the year's best iOS apps

Apple is out with its best apps of 2015: Periscope, Lara Croft GO, and Workflow were all selected.

New Apple TV ad touts apps as 'the future of television'

The new ad highlights the Apple TV's ability to run a variety of apps thanks to its new tvOS operating system and integrated App Store.

Apple's iTunes carrier billing makes a Beeline for Russia

Apple has expanded its direct card-less carrier billing scheme for iTunes purchases to Russia.

Website owner claims copyrighted material is being repackaged into paid apps

Brian Raub says a developer from India is copying his material verbatim in a number of apps on the App Store.

Apple announces Dec. 22-29 holiday closing dates for iTunes Connect

During the week-long freeze, iTunes Connect will be inaccessible.

Search once again gets smarter in Apple's App Store

The App Store is now better than ever at handling searches.

Apple promotes apps and games for iPad Pro on App Store

Apple has just launched a couple of new featured sections on the App Store highlighting apps and games for the iPad Pro.

App discovery on the Apple TV still isn't where it should be

Apple's addition of a Categories page in the tvOS App Store is appreciated, but it still misses the mark.

Top Charts have arrived on the Apple TV, with games dominating

You can now see officially which apps are being downloaded the most on the Apple TV.

Is the biggest problem with today's Apple TV finding apps?

Good luck finding PCalc or other programs quickly on the tvOS App Store.