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app store

The Bioshock debacle shows a flaw in the App Store ecosystem

Who is responsible for customer satisfaction and refunds when a game becomes incompatible with iOS?

Apple says the problematic XcodeGhost is still out there

The malicious software is still plaguing the App Store.

Your copy of Angry Birds 2 might be infected with XcodeGhost

The latest malware to hit the App Store has infected some pretty major titles.

Apple TV shows the future of television is all about apps

The latest Apple TV is a beautiful accessory that will revolutionize how you consume television and casual console games.

Apple launches a curated Twitter account for the App Store gaming section

The move comes less than a week before the next-generation Apple TV is unveiled.

Amazon Underground is a great idea that needs to come to iOS

Amazon has a fresh new idea on how to bring you games and pay developers, too.

Invisible apps could be the future, but is that a good thing?

Invisible apps could be set to change the way we interact with services on iOS.

What will it take for me to buy an Apple TV this fall?

The rumors continue about a refreshed Apple TV, but what will it take to convince a holdout to buy one?

Apple now restricts iOS beta users from writing App Store reviews

Apple now restricts users of devices running prerelease versions of iOS from writing reviews of apps on the App Store.

Did Apple really just feature a swastika in the App Store’s Best New Games?

Something is amiss in an iPad screenshot for the new game Stars Wheel.

Spotify wants you to stop paying through the App Store

The streaming music service is showing subscribers how to transition their account to the Web, and save $3 per month in the process.

Apple's App Store joins the Confederate flag boycott

Apple seems to have joined the boycott against the Confederate flag.

Badland, Oceanhorn and other 'Amazing Fantasy Games' are on sale on the App Store

The promotion features 16 acclaimed fantasy games each offered at a discount of at least half off.

Updated: Apple's iCloud and other services are broken again

Apple appears to be having problems with its online services again.

Here's how you can help the victims of the Nepal earthquake via Apple's iTunes or App Store

Apple has begun accepting donations from iTunes Store and App Store customers who wish to help the victims of the recent earthquake in Nepal.

Apple updates the App Store to show screenshots of Apple Watch offerings

Apple has also updated its TestFlight beta testing app to allow support for watch apps.

Ottocat technology is the brains behind the App Store's 'Explore' tab

It seems the brains behind the App Store's "Explore" tab have been unveiled.

Apple Watch apps begin to arrive on the App Store

A number of apps, including Dark Sky, Things, and Target have just been updated with support for the wearable device.

Apple quietly acquires a cloud database company

Apple has acquired FoundationDB, a small but well-known cloud-based database company.

Update: Apple's App Store, rest of iTunes back online

For a while on Wednesday, users were unable to download new apps on the App Store.

Look for a new Apple TV this summer that features an App Store, more storage and Siri

According to recent leaks, Apple is expected to unveil a new Apple TV box this summer.

Apple is removing anti-virus apps from the App Store

In a move to prevent iOS users from believing the iPhone and iPad are vulnerable to viruses and malware, Apple is removing anti-virus software from the App Store.

The Whole Pantry disappears from App Store after fraud claims

A popular healthy food app has been pulled from the App Store after its creator was accused of fraud.

One day after the Apple apocalypse, questions remain

On Wednesday, most of Apple's digital world went offline for 11 hours.