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Google Maps lands on the Apple Watch

With version 4.11.0 of the popular third-party navigation app, users can view directions directly from their wrist.

Google takes on Apple TV with revamped Chromecast 2.0

Google has just introduced Chromecast 2.0: its new HDMI dongle.

Google unveils its Evernote-like Keep service for the iPhone and iPad

The free note-taking hub is also available on the Web or through the Chrome browser.

Google’s new Street View app allows users to view and create their own photo spheres

Taking the place of the Photo Sphere Camera app, you can take a look at pretty much anywhere in the world.

A Google Photos update lets you organize pictures with ease

Wishes are coming true with this popular photo storage app update.

Start browsing, Google+ Collections are now available on iOS

This new feature has ventured into iOS territory. So, enjoy browsing, following, and creating Collections.

Google's Android Wear comes to iOS, but with its limits

Google is finally rolling out its smartwatch support to the iPhone, but there are some drawbacks.

Google wants to cure your Wi-Fi woes with its new OnHub router

In a partnership with TP-LINK, Google’s device can automatically adjust to find the fastest connection.

The AppAdvice tech week in review: The Apple Car and Google's big move

Some of Apple's competitors have been making some interesting moves.

Google's iOS app gets enhanced 'Okay Google' support

"Okay Google, send out a smart update for your iOS app."

Google's most recent move spells alphabet soup

Talk about fragmentation: Google is now alphabet, and as we all know, there are 26 letters.

Google Translate adds 20 languages to its instant visual translation function

Using the app, simply point it at the text to see the translated language.

It’s time to say goodbye to Google+ once and for all

Starting soon, you won’t need an account on the comatose social network to share content, communicate with contacts, and more.

Immerse yourself in the 360-degree Google Spotlight Stories

You will never look at stories on your device the same way again.

Finally, you can now swipe to navigate in Chrome for iOS

At long last, Google has updated Chrome for iOS with support for the mobile operating system’s standard swipe-based navigation scheme.

Google Maps for iOS makes way for more improvements

Google has once again updated the official iOS app of its mapping service with new features and improvements.

Check out what’s new in Google’s Hangouts 4.0

Google has just updated Hangouts to version 4.0 with a number of design tweaks.

Google Calendar gets more productive with new features

Google has just issued an update to the official iOS app of its Calendar service that adds a handful of noteworthy features.

Google Play Music unveils free, ad-supported radio stations

Music fans can search from curated stations or craft their own.

Nest unveils a second-generation Protect smoke and CO detector

The home automation company also announced a new high-definition video camera - the Nest Cam.

The Grunge filter returns in a new update of Google’s Snapseed photo editing app

Version 2.0.2 also allows users to copy, paste, and hide Control Points in selective.

Inbox by Gmail is now open to all and stocked with new features

No need to worry about an invitation any longer, Inbox by Gmail is open to everyone.

Who will end up owning news aggregator Flipboard?

In a race between Google, Twitter, and Yahoo to buy Flipboard, there might not be a clear-cut winner.

Google’s Cardboard virtual reality viewer arrives on the iPhone

The companion app can be downloaded now from the App Store for free. But you’ll first need to purchase or construct your own viewer.