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google glass

Is Apple the next name in augmented reality?

Piper Jaffray senior research analyst Gene Munster believes Apple may be tinkering with augmented reality.

MyGlass for iOS can now automatically sync photos from Google Glass

A small yet significant update to MyGlass has been released by Google.

The Daily Show Blasts Google Glass And Its Users

Google Glass wearers were recently grilled on The Daily Show.

Google Glass To Add Text Message Support For The iPhone Later This Week

Due to iOS limitations, users won’t be able to respond directly from the wearable device.

Google Glass Sells Out Following First Ever One-Day Sale

More Google Glass devices could be made available later this year.

Video Overview: MyGlass For iPhone Is Now Available In The App Store

Google's new Glass companion app for iPhone is now available in the App Store.

Report Claims In The Next 5 Years, Wearables Shipments Could Increase By 10 Times

Could Apple's iWatch be the mobile device of the future?

Siri Gets Sassy With Swipes At Google Glass

Apple's personal assistant doesn't think much of Google's wearable technology.

Are You One Of The Majority Who Doesn't See The Point Of The iWatch?

Not surprisingly, most Americans aren't interested in a smartwatch or smart glasses because there isn't a compelling product on the market.

Developer Hacks Google Glass To Show All iOS Notifications

Only available for jailbroken iOS devices, Adam Bell is looking to release a Cydia app soon.

More Features Of Google Glass Will Soon Be Available To iPhone Users

The expensive, wearable piece of technology will soon play even nicer with the iPhone.

Jack Dorsey Champions Apple's iWatch Concept Over Google Glass

Jack Dorsey has recently shared his thoughts on both Google Glass, and wristwatch-style devices.

Not Surprisingly, Google Glass Will Be Compatible With The iPhone

The wearable computer can use an iPhone's data connection via Bluetooth.