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google play

The Beatles catalog is coming to Apple Music, Spotify and more Dec. 24

According to a reliable publication, The Beatles are indeed heading to Apple Music (and more!) this Christmas Eve.

Google Play Books makes e-reading easier on the eyes with Night Light

Google Play Books' Night Light promises to be a better nighttime reading mode than the usual white-text-on-black-background setting.

Google Play Movies & TV for iOS now plays nice with AirPlay for Apple TV

Google has just pushed a significant update to the official iOS app of its Play Movies & TV entertainment media service.

You can now watch Sony Pictures' ‘The Interview’ on your iPad and other devices

The controversial film stars Seth Rogen and James Franco.

Google Play Books 2.0 features 'Material Design,' upload support and more

The official iOS app of Google’s e-reading service has been issued its big 2.0 update.

Google Play Movies & TV for iOS now lets you download videos for offline viewing

Google Play Movies & TV for iOS has just been updated with a significant new feature: offline viewing.

Google Play Music For iPad To Reach The App Store Soon

Could a Google Play Music iPad application be incoming?

Apple, Google Competing For Exclusive Mobile Games From Developers

Apple and Google are reportedly at war over platform exclusive games, too.

The App Store Is Getting A Little Bit Smarter With Search

Apple has improved the search functionality in the App Store - ever so slightly.

Apple’s App Store Leads, But Each Of The Big Three Could Be Improved

A new survey says Apple could do a better job at promoting apps in the App Store.

The Best Google Music Client Just Got Better With gMusic 2

The best Google Music client, gMusic, has been re-released as a new app with improvements for iOS 7 and Google Play All Access.

Google Play Books Gets Single Sign-On Support And More In Latest Update

Google has released an update for its universal Google Play Books application.

The Popular Yahoo! Weather App Is Now Available For Android

The popular iOS weather app is now available for Android-based devices.

The Number Of Google Play App Downloads Now Exceed Those In Apple's App Store

Google Play bests Apple's App Store for first time in terms of app downloads.

The App Store Continues To Dominate Google Play Where It Counts

The App Store continues to be where the money is, despite there being more Android-based devices worldwide.

A New Investigation Looks Into The Use Of In-App Purchases By Children

Apple and Google are being investigated over in-app purchase systems in their respective stores as they relate to kids.

Google Is The Download King Of The App Store

Google apps are the most popular right now in the App Store.

Google Set To Launch Newsstand Competitor Google Play News?

Google may be bidding farewell to Google Reader, it's apparently about to say hello to a different kind of news delivery service.

Google Play Users Are Giving Out Personal Information One App At A Time

No one should accuse Apple of misusing user data when compared to what Google is doing with personal information via Google Play.

Apple Should Take Google's Lead And Make The iOS App Review Process More Personal

Apple could learn something from Google on how to improve the iOS app review process.

Google Eliminates Android Market, Combines All Its Stores Into One Big Shopping Experience

Google's unified storefront/iCloud competitor looks pretty good so far.