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iphone 5

A bug affects Wallet after restoring iPhone 6s from iPhone 5

If you've switched from the iPhone 5 era of devices to an iPhone 6s, you might be plagued by a crippling display glitch.

Apple's iPhone is still the most popular camera on Flickr

Apple is still not the most popular camera brand on Flickr, but its iPhone remains the most popular camera on Yahoo’s photo-sharing network.

Apple launches a battery replacement program for its iPhone 5 handset

Apple has launched a new replacement program for the iPhone 5's battery.

Cheap, Unauthorized Cables Are Damaging The iPhone 5's Logic Board

Knock-off Lightning chargers are the reason behind a serious iPhone 5 fault, according to one repair firm.

FreedomPop Adds iPhone 5, iPhone 4 To Its Free No-Contract Plans

FreedomPop now supports Apple's iPhone 5 and iPhone 4 -- it's even selling the iPhone 5 directly to customers, too.

If Your iPhone 5 Has A Faulty Sleep Button It Could Be Worth An Extra $80

Apple is offering another option to iPhone 5 owners with faulty sleep buttons.

Apple Launches A Replacement Program For The iPhone 5's Sleep Button

Apple has launched a new replacement program for the iPhone 5's sleep button.

Sprint's MVNO Ting Adds Support For The iPhone 5

The mobile virtual network operator Ting is now supporting Apple's iPhone 5.

It Looks Like iPhone 5s Adoption Is Continuing To Rocket

Usage of the iPhone 5s has outperformed that of the iPhone 5.

Ting Now Supports iPhone 4, iPhone 4s In Beta: iPhone 5 Support Incoming

The mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) Ting is now supporting the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s.

Review: Piel Frama's FramaSlim Is An Exceptional High-Quality iPhone Case

Piel Frama's FramaSlim is the best iPhone case I've ever used.

Look How Far We've Come: Every iPhone Handset Compared In New Video

Have you been wondering how Apple's iPhone 5s compares against the first-generation iPhone, the iPhone 3G, the iPhone 3Gs, the iPhone 4, the iPhone 4s, the iPhone 5, and the iPhone 5c?

Give Your Handset An iPhone 5s Makeover With This Upgrade Kit

Give your iPhone 5 an iPhone 5s makeover with this upgrade kit.

Video: iPhone 5s Versus iPhone 5 Benchmark Test

In our latest hands-on video, we put the iPhone 5s in a benchmark test against the iPhone 5.

Here's A Close-Up Look At Design Differences Between The iPhone 5s And iPhone 5

How does Apple's iPhone 5s compare with its iPhone 5?

PureGear's Retro Game Cases Bring iDevice Gaming Outside Of iOS

PureGear's new iPhone cases offer "device protection with a twist."

Updated: Camera Burst Mode For iPhone 5, iPhone 4s And More Added In iOS 7 GM

One iOS 7 Camera app feature thought to be reserved for the iPhone 5s is compatible with the iPhone 5, iPhone 4s, and more.

AT&T Might Be Keeping The 16GB iPhone 5 Model Alive

Could the current iPhone be sticking around after all?

RadioShack Launches Trade-In Program, Discounts iPhone Handsets

RadioShack is offering $250 for used iPhone 5 handsets as part of its refreshed "Trade-In Program."

The iPhone 5s And 5c Special Event Roundup In Just Five Minutes

We finally know when iOS 7 will be available, and new iPhones have been announced. Watch the show to see everything you need to know in five minutes.

Say Goodbye To The iPhone 5 Because Apple Just Dropped It

Apple has stopped production on the iPhone 5.

More Evidence Apple's 16GB iPhone 5 Will Live On Surfaces Online

Could Apple continue to offer its 16GB iPhone 5 as a mid-tier iDevice, alongside the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C?

Could Apple's 16GB iPhone 5 Remain As Mid-Tier iDevice From Sept. 28?

New evidence suggests that Apple's 16GB iPhone 5 could remain as a mid-tier iDevice come Sept. 28, 2013.

Best Buy Is Offering A Nice iPhone 5 Deal This Weekend

Buyers can snag a 16GB or 32GB handset for half off when trading in a working iPhone 4S/4.