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Rdio set to be turned off on Dec. 22 ahead of Pandora integration

As it turns out, Rdio won’t live long enough to get through the holidays.

In light of Pandora deal, what happens next to your Rdio account?

What happens next to the accounts of Rdio users, particularly paying subscribers?

Rdio is history as Pandora plans to purchase parts of the streaming service

There's one less choice for consumers in the competitive streaming music market.

Late to the game, Rdio brings live radio to iOS

Taking on Apple Music (and Beats 1), Rdio is bringing live radio to its iOS app.

Shazam keeps you in the app with Rdio and Spotify updates

Your tunes, where you want them. This popular music app received another great update.

These 6 basic features are missing from Apple Music

Maybe your story is different, but I waited for Apple Music for nearly five years.

Music streaming face-off: Rdio, Spotify and Apple Music

We check out Rdio, Spotify, and the newly released Apple Music to find out which music streaming service is best.

Apple Music and most music streaming services are Princeless

This artist is taking aim at the music streaming industry in its entirety, almost.

5 ways to free up your iPhone storage

Sick of not having enough storage on your iPhone? On today's show we are demonstrating five tips to help get your space back.

Rock out with these streaming music services

Streaming music continues to become popular as more companies, including Apple, are jumping into the crowded market.

Rdio Select takes aim at 'Apple Music' and other competitors

A low-cost new streaming music plan from Rdio could give its competitors a run for their money.

Spotify calls Apple's App Store tax anticompetitive

Scrutiny over Apple's App Store tax is really starting to heat up.

Does Apple want to see the end of free music streaming services such as Spotify and YouTube?

The U.S. Department of Justice isn't happy with Apple over the company's upcoming Beats Music service reboot.

How to capture songs on Shazam without touching the app

You don’t have to reach for your phone to Shazam that song, try the automatic capture feature instead.

Streaming music service Rdio adds additional sharing and discovery features

With Songkick tour date integration, music lovers can quickly and easily purchase concert tickets.

Shazam update offers better integration with Spotify and Rdio

Version 8.3 also consolidates the Shazam charts into one section.

Rdio update offers a new music weekly station and smarter sharing with friends

The streaming music service is making it easier to find hot new tracks.

Music sounds so much sweeter on your mobile devices with

The new Music Player app has some potential.

Rdio for iOS updated with new search, playback and social features

Rdio has just released an update to its official music streaming app on iOS, thereby introducing new search, playback, and social features.

Shazam update features built-in music player, Spotify integration and more

Shazam 8.2 is here, and it announces itself as being a huge update that’s “all about the music.”

Rdio's family packages now cost 50 percent less

The Rdio streaming music service now costs less for families.

Rdio app optimized for iOS 8, iPhone 6, CarPlay and higher-quality audio

Rdio for iOS has just received an update that optimizes the popular music streaming app for iOS 8 and CarPlay.