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side scroller

Leap and bound over terrain and critters in Hoppy Naut

Happiness is just a hop, skip, and a jump away in this fun game.

Fly and blast your way through Hex Brutal, a twitchy shooter

Are your skills good enough to make it out of this cave alive?

Save the kingdom from armies of monsters as the BattleMage in this side-scrolling RPG adventure

It's up to you to save this kingdom and the villagers in BattleMage, a fun and action-packed side-scrolling RPG.

KeroBlaster Is The Challenging Retro Side-Scrolling Platformer Where The Frog Means Business

KeroBlaster from Studio Pixel is like Cave Story for your iPhone.

AppAdvice Daily: New Apps For iPhoneographers And A Pixel Hunter Giveaway

We have two hot new photography apps, and the chance to win a free download of Pixel Hunter, all on today's AppAdvice Daily.

Help Joe Danger And Friends Get To Infinity And Beyond In Joe Danger Infinity

Joe Danger Infinity has finally landed in the App Store, and it's definitely been worth the wait.

Kickstarted: Super Sky Hero Looks To Bring A Retro-Style Side-Scroller To iOS

Super Sky Hero is another iOS-bound genre mash-up.

Stellar Wars Brings A Touch Of Sci-Fi To The Popular Game Series

Stellar Wars, Liv Games' latest application, is now available to download in the App Store.

Mana Aegis To Offer iDevice Users Old-School RPG Side-Scrolling Action

Mana Aegis is an upcoming role-playing game (RPG) for iOS that looks to be an interesting app.

Get Ready For Mayhem As You Storm The Train

Helicopters, trains, explosions — this game has it all. Prepare for one adrenaline-filled adventure with the latest from Chillingo.

Toon Shooters Dazzles With Its Simple Controls And Insane Action

Kick some cartoon butt solo or with a friend. It rocks either way.

Wage Ultimate Destruction With Zombie Bunnies

Who would have thought that cute and innocent bunnies could be used to terrorize the world? When an experiment goes wrong, you have to take control of an evil doctor on his quest to destroy everything in sight.

Tripper Mission: Catch A Hope Helps You Believe In Side-Scrolling Again

The world is one big, sad sack that needs your help in Tripper Mission: Catch A Hope. With killer graphics and loads of side-scrolling fun, the app (and the planet) are certainly worth saving.

Emberwind Makes Platforming On The iPhone Cool Again

Emberwind brings retro-style platforming to the iPhone, sporting killer graphics, a deep game world, and more goblin whacking than an afternoon at daycare.

Enjoy New Quests And Fun Mini Games In MapleStory Cygnus Knights Edition

Cygnus Knights Edition is the new Maple Story game for the iPhone. With great graphics and many new quests and areas to discover, this RPG is pretty nice.

Sword and Soldiers Available July 7 On The App Store

New 2D RTS game Sword and Soldiers comes to the App Store this Thursday, July 7. The game offers players the ability to control three unique factions -- including Chinese, Aztec, and Viking troops.

Another Single Player MapleStory Game Hits The App Store

A new MapleStory game has hit the iPhone, and like the previous entry, is a 2D side-scrolling and single player-focused RPG. MapleStory Cygnus Knights Edition offers various mini games to play and two stories to discover. The game should be a blast for fans of the series.

Diversion And Diversion HD Now Available

Endless runner fans rejoice. A new endless-running platformer has hit the iPhone with 3D graphics and great level design. Diversion is available on the App Store for a temporary price of only $.99.

League Of Evil Update Adds 30 New Levels

League of Evil Gets more levels, a jungle theme and a bunch of new content in the latest 1.2 update. The game is a platformer with great controls and fast-paced gameplay.

Apache Overkill Is One Feature Away From Being A Classic

Apache Overkill is a side scrolling flyer in which you fight off waves of enemies in the air, or on land, as an Apache helicopter. It features dozens of levels across four worlds and Game Center integration.

Is Charlie In Trouble Worth The Trouble?

Charlie in Trouble is a 2D side-scrolling puzzle adventure that offers a ton of stages and challenges. But, is there enough content to offset the graphics and gameplay?

QuickAdvice: Flick Ninjas Gives A Flying Kick To Standard Controls

Flick Ninjas by T-JAM Studios is a new 2D side scroller that uses an intuitive control system rather than the more traditional arcade-style controls. It features integration with OpenFeint and Game Center, and it offers 30 levels of action.

QuickAdvice: Hack-n-Slash Your Way To A Happy Ending With Sad Princess

Fans of the side-scrolling hack-n-slash genre should consider a new title to add to your collection: Sad Princess. How does it stack up and is it worth your money? Click through to find out.

Rapid Review: Van Pershing - Next Zombieville USA?

Van Pershing is a new side scroller that is similar to Zombieville, but with more types of monsters. Read on to find out all about it in our rapid review.