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task management

Focus on one task at a time with Doo - Get Things Done

Doo is a beautiful to-do app that unfortunately falls a bit short.

Sunrise Calendar and Wunderlist work together to merge your calendar and to-do list

With new integration, these two apps play really nice together to help speed up your time and task management.

Things lets you manage your tasks on Apple Watch with ease

When you receive your Apple Watch, award-winning task management app Things will be ready to hop onto your wrist.

Clear's Apple Watch app lets you manage your to-do list with simplicity

With the latest update to Clear, you can now use the app on your Apple Watch.

Be more efficient and get things done with Todoist 10

Todoist 10 streamlines the process of getting things done quickly and efficiently.

The Hit List returns as a brand new app from Karelia Software

The Hit List, originally released in 2011 by Potion Factory, has resurfaced as a brand new app from Karelia Software.

Prioritize your tasks in One List with this simple new app

Prioritizing has never been easier, thanks to One List.

Win 2Do and manage your tasks the way you want

Here's your chance to win 2Do!

Powerful task manager 2Do updated with iOS 8 share extensions and more

Version 3.1 also allows users to manager their calendar events directly from the app.

Tweak Your Productivity Habits And Be More Efficient With Tinker

This simple app can help you become more efficient with your goals and time.

Always Stay Ahead Of Your To-Dos With The Brand New Checkmark 2

Snowman has just released Checkmark 2, the followup to the original geolocation-based task app that is packed with tons of new features. Does it live up to the hype?

Zip Through Your To-Dos And Get Some Useful Insight With Zippy - Tasks And Reminders

This slick app wants to help you get better at efficiently managing your tasks.

Stop Procrastinating And Focus On The Task At Hand With Procraster

Stop procrastinating and be more efficient with this simple app.

Voodo 2 Provides Thorough Task Management With Minimal Effort

Voodo has been universally reborn for iOS 7.

Don't Know Where To Start With Your To-Do List? Finido Can Help

Finido is a to-do list app that uses a special algorithm to prioritize and optimize your task list.

Quickly Manage And Share Lists With Silo

This slick list app is lightning fast and makes it easy to share your lists with others.

DOOO To-Do Note Provides Everything You Could Need For Task Management

Voice recordings, images, locations, and even drawing tools are standard in this slick task management app.

Swipe Your Way Through The Day With This Elegant To-Do App

Life would be much better if you could do your tasks as quickly as you can input them in this slick to-do app.

Nearly For iPhone Uses Your Location To Help You Complete Your Tasks

Most tasks are based around locations, so your task management app should be too.

Simple To-Do App Task Goes Universal With A Big 2.0 Update

Along with a revamped user interface, Task now features iCloud syncing.

Metro Tasks: Love Your To-Dos! - Available Now For The iPad

If you're a task-management freak but still haven't found an iPad app that can take care of all your GTD needs, consider downloading Metro Tasks: Love your to-dos!, a new application that's available for $6.99 in the iPad App Store.

#todo Is Another Way To Look At Your Task List

Here's another todo app to check out, but does it live up to all of its promises?

Updated AppGuide: Best iPhone Task Management Apps

There are so many task managers in the AppStore that finding the one that will work for you can be a task in and of itself. This AppGuide should help you find the right app for you and cross that off your list!