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All-in-One Apps

These apps offer quite a convenience: one stop shopping. Save space on your phone and save money -- most of these are just a dollar apiece and offer many apps for which you would have paid much more had you bought them individually. However, you may not be able to pick just one all-in-one app. Each one has different offerings; you may find yourself needing a couple of these!

Essential Apps

AppZilla 2 - 120 in 1!

by Fossil Software

For sheer quantity, you can’t beat Appzilla. Of course, since all 120 apps wouldn’t necessarily be your cup of tea, you can decide which to keep and which to hide. There are some nice treats, like a sleep aid app where you can mix and match sounds, even your own music, to create a customized zen atmosphere. You get camera apps, glow doodle, language translator, metronome, tweetface (update Twitter and Facebook simultaneously), parking assistant, dictionary, soundboard, moon calculator, access your Google account, and much, much more.

Notable Apps

AppVault Pro (The Original Is Back!)

by MCR Systems, LLC

AppVault Pro has 25 apps. A lovely user interface is customizable; you can change both the background color/pattern and the order of the apps as you like. In addition to the “usual”, AppVault Pro has a Bible (yes, the whole thing), a guitar machine (for tuning, timing, and chords), and a portal to access countless web apps. Check out the free “lite” version; with 10 quality apps it’s a real bargain.

iCatchall Travel: 14+ Apps in One

by Headlight Software, Inc.

iCatchall makes several different all-in-one apps, but this one stands out because it has a cool app within it called “Reward for Return”. It’s a simple idea but one you don’t see a lot in the app store. Basically, you can choose anything from your camera roll and write the message of your choice across it. For example, “If found, please return to”. Fill in your name and contact info, and the app places it in just the right spot to be easily visible to someone picking up your phone. Anytime I choose a new wallpaper for my phone, I always run it through this app to get my “return” info front and center.

App Genie (30 in 1)

by GP Imports

Don’t let the relatively small number (23) of apps within App Genie fool you. First of all, some of the apps within app genie have more apps inside! For example, “Tool Case” has 5 measuring apps within it. A barcode scanner, text-to-speech tool, nutrition information database, magnifier, and country facts set this app apart from the multi-tool pack. You can choose which apps to show and which to hide. The coolest app in App Genie: create photo icons for one-touch dialing of favorite contacts!

Decent Apps

AppBox Pro: A Swiss Army Knife for Your Digital Life

by AllAboutApps

With 31 apps, this AppBox Pro is decent. A free, lite version gives you 10 so you can try it out. AppBox Pro has all of the typical tools such as ruler, level, tip calculator, currency converter, unit converter, etc. In addition, you get access to your Google Account here.

All-in-One Unit Converter

by Jude Novak

Convert units of measure and exchange rates with ease. In addition, this one has a converter for time zones across the world.

ALL-IN-1 Toolkit Pro

by Kdan Mobile Software LTD

Lots of apps (over 50, with an update coming soon to put it over 60) in this perfectly solid all-in-one. The focus is on business and school tools, such as a PDF reader, spellcheck, note-taking, and more. Try out the free lite version for a generous 20 apps.

SmartConverter: All-In-One tool

by SaleCalc Software

With the focus on conversions, this app has some unusual tools. In addition to every unit of measure you could think of, you can convert clothing sizes across the world. Also, you get the periodic table, the Greek Alphabet, Phonetic Alphabet (Alpha, Bravo, Charlie), and much more.

Other Apps
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