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Movie cataloging apps

If you are a movie buff and just can't get enough movies, chances are you probably have a collection of dvds or blurays filling up bookcases. Whether you've already got them sorted or need the extra help, these apps in this AppGuide will get your movie collection organized and ready for showing off.

Essential Apps

DVD Profiler for iOS

by Invelos Software, Inc.

DVD Profiler is a great app for keeping up with your DVD and Blu-Ray collection. What initially struck me when opening the app was the great user interface. It's very Apple-like with its cover flow previews and attention to detail. The way it handles the actual collection is also fantastic, you add each DVD or Blu-Ray disk by barcode and the app will pull all available information for that movie including trailers and reviews. You can organize your collection by owned movies, movies you wish to own, ordered movies, and movies that you have borrowed. You can even display charts on information of your collection such as release dates. Overall, DVD Profiler’s interface and functionality put this app on the top of the list as a must have for DVD and Blu-Ray collectors.

iCollect Movies Pro

by Runner Apps

Another essential app for cataloging your movie database is iCollect Movies Pro. With the ability to enter your movies by scanning the barcode, typing the barcode, and typing in the title, you have more than enough ways to add everything in. For some reason the app can't find your movie? It will let you add it anyway, and even add in your own picture from your camera roll. When you finally do add everything you own, view your entire catalog in cover flow, library view, search for a specific movie or if you're feeling lucky, shake to randomize. This app also backs up to the cloud so you never lose your data. You can even make a "loan list" so that when you give a movie to a friend to watch, you never lose that either. Need I say more? Ok, it links to IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes for information regarding your movies and has a video tutorial in case you can't figure it out on your own.

Movies HD

by Netwalk

Strictly for the iPad, Movies HD(the big brother of Movies) delivers a great experience with all the bells and whistles you'd expect from one of our essential apps. Cover flow, bar code scanning, backup and restore, loan listing, email your list, and the features go on and on. If you have an iPad, this is what you will be using to catalog your movies.

Notable Apps

My Stuff

by Rick Maddy

This app has an incredible feature set that lets you catalog much more than just movies. It even lets you passcode lock, just in case you have something you don't want OTHER people to know you have. My Stuff is comparable to the essential apps, just different. This is a user end decision: a cleaner (aka plain text) interface with additional catalog options.


by Josh Pressnell

My Box Office is another great tool for cataloging your movie list and also lets you back up your movie list to their server or email it to yourself. Multiple modes of entry (such as scanning and typing), movie loan tracking, and personal star rating round out the feature set. It seems most apps do this, it just depends on how many extra things you want your app to do. All in all, this is a great solution for anyone wishing to save their catalog and it's yours a modest 2 bucks.

Decent Apps


by Nikola Mijatovic

A new developer's first shot at an iPhone app, and it's not terrible. Lacking some of the features of the bigger names, I can't recommend it just yet, but this developer has talent and should be watched.


by Nosleep Software

MovieKeeper is a free app with very basic cataloging capabilities and no backups. You get what you pay for.


by Brice Caris

A bit pricey for a basic catalog with backup.

Other Apps
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