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iPhone Metronomes

For everything from checking tempos in rehearsal to practicing a tough lick, a reliable metronome is a must for any musician. Since you are likely to always have your iPhone with you, wouldn’t it be great if you could save space in your bag and leave your metronome at home? With one of the following metronome apps, you can lighten your load and still prepare for your upcoming gig.

Essential Apps


by Frozen Ape Pte. Ltd.

This is a terrific metronome. If you have used a Dr. Beat, you will be familiar with all of the features that Tempo offers. With tap tempo, subdivisions, accented downbeats, setlists, soundsets, and accuracy, this metronome is an essential app. The developer also offers a sequel, Tempo 2, but for my money the original Tempo is the better choice.

Notable Apps

Steinway Metronome

by Steinway Musical Instruments

Steinway Metronome is a pretty standard metronome app that gives you a customizable utility for time keeping. With eight wood finishes and nine time settlings to choose from, you are bound to find the right settings for you with this app. Steinway Metronome also comes with visual indicators and tells you the musical term for the current tempo as well. If you are looking for a standard and simple metronome then look no further, as this great free app has you covered.

Subdivide Metronome

by Marcus Cavanaugh, Inc.

This full-featured Dr. Beat-style metronome with tap tempo and subdivisions has inconsistent tempos at the extreme slow and fast markings. This app is universal so it is also well-suited for the iPad.


by Planet Waves

This full-featured metronome is comparable to Tempo above, but not as reliable with tap feature. It includes 16 sounds and ability to save tempos.

Virtual Metronome (Tempo Library)

by Romain Pechayre

Virtual Metronome is set up like a mixer for easy adjustments for tempo and subdivisions. Song settings may be saved for later retrieval. Accurate and capable for the professional musician. Also very affordable given its feature set.

Metron (Professional Metronome)

by Antonio Nunes

Subdivisions and programmable sequencer are included for programming mixed meters. Very accurate and capable for the professional musician. However, the user interface could be more intuitive.

Dr.Betotte TC

by Seishu Murakami

If you are a Dr. Beat fan then you will feel at home with Dr.Betotte TC. In addition to Dr. Beat standard features such as subdivisions and tap tempo, Dr.Betotte TC also includes swing feel, half-time feel, and can save your settings for your next practice session. However, one downside is that it is pricey compared to similar metronome apps.

Metronome TS

by Thezi Studios

Metronome TS is full of features including the ability to save and organize settings for specific pieces and group them by genre. The interface is user friendly, but the current version is plagued by instability and unexpected behavior.


by Patrick Q. Kelly

This app is notable due to its feature of teaching conducting. In addition to providing a steady beat, the app shows graphically the conducting pattern for each meter. Additionally, you can fine tune the conducting patterns to reflect legato, staccato, or non-expressive styles. The pattern can also reflect the perspective of the conductor or the performer.

Decent Apps

BPM - Metronome & Tap Tempo

by Thumb Labs LLC

BPM provides a unique user interface and look. Functionality is solid, but subdivisions are noticeably absent.


by A Small Orange

Full-featured, subdivisions, and a tuner included, but doesn’t provide accurate and consistent tempo.



A throwback to metronomes of old, however beats can be unsteady.

Metronome - reloaded

by Chris & Uwe

Metronome - reloaded is similar to the old school Metronome above, except that it has a more modern skin. You can also type in the tempo you want.

musebook metronome m10

by AMuseTec Co., Ltd.

Solid metronome but without all of the features of the notable apps. Does not include subdivisions or the ability for mixed meter. Also, only works in landscape mode, but is a decent metronome for the free price tag.

Beats - BPM, Metronome

by Bjango

Beats - BPM is unique among metronome apps because it caters to the DJ. The app allows for DJ's to "push" or "pull" the tempo for syncing up songs and finding BPM (beats per minute). While the meters offered are limited, if you’re a DJ looking for a metronome app, you better check out Beats - BPM.

Other Apps
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